Zenfone 8 – The most boring INCREDIBLE phone ever. (video)


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  1. CORRECTION, the phone does not have Wireless Charging, my mistake!
    To all of you who manage to get here before I do, you're the real heroes 👊 Very curious what you think to the phone's design? Too plain or do you actually like it?
    To see some of the coolest Tech Inventions in the world right now:

  2. Well in other phones other 2 cameras gimmick anyways. if you have 2 very good cameras u don't need gimmicky other 2

  3. alright…we all know you don't want to give 10/10 for any smartphone! that's not just because the phone has that much downside, it's somewhat a psychological aspect. but praising a phone insanely and just throwing "boring" at the end of the video, that's not what a company who gone this far to give the consumer somewhat " i'll never get this kind of phone in the anydays" desreves. it's not rlly cool. i was really amazed there is a nice competitor to the pixel 4a. and i was cool watching you praise this deserved phone. but it definitely doesn"t deserve a boring conclusion. not that it will change the way i see this phone…but i'm sure it will for some other peoples. to conclude this you can a phone perfect when it is! it dosen't make this channel somewhat boring. it's already a nice and addictive channel lol.

  4. i wish asus more reliable and has mature firmware update… pricewise, asus is on the same league with chinese counterparts, but reliability albeit it had better performance in the begining, it's usually rendered useless in old days because of hardware / software flaws, even it's reasonably cheap to fix it.

  5. Guess I’m weird.. I’m fine with the design.. Even the unequal back camera padding.. It’s like a one sided swept hairstyle, not asymmetrical, but it is it’s own. Just the chin part I guess.. Perhaps still hard to get them equal all round..

  6. I was disappointed seeing the title, but confirmed that this will be next phone, in whichever point of time I’ll be able to switch 😁

  7. 4:54 can I just ask where tf do you live? 😂 how is there 54% chance of raining and still be 48 degrees Celsius ?! unless it's Fahrenheit of course but that would be pretty cold

  8. 4:55 We get that in Celsius here, and it does feel like Hell.
    The main lens in the camera system should've been the 108MP one. Realme 8 Pro uses that lens for 3x lossless zoom.

  9. Me from: "Who buys it?" (looking at the thumbnail)
    to: "Where to buy it?"(finishing the video)

  10. The phone screams “Its not about the size, it’s what can be done with it”. I’m an iOS user and this might just have me converted to android having everything I need.

  11. I think I found my new phone, I think it's ideal because I use my tablet for games, videos etc

  12. This phone in video was like
    Beginning – call an ambulance can an ambulance
    After a couple of minutes – but not for me…

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