WooCommerce Coupon Codes: A Complete Guide

Statista predicts the use of Coupons to increase by 2021 considering the preferential choices of 145.3 million Americans. 

The use of coupons to promote sales is one of the oldest marketing gimmicks. They were first used in 1887 by Asa Candler, the co-owner of famous soft drink brand – Coca Cola with the idea to exchange the coupon for a free glass of drink. 

It seemed very irrational to many then. But the increase in sales and market-share ratio for Coca-Cola increased exponentially. Since then till date, coupons have maintained their explicit position with utmost importance. 

No marketing campaign today is complete without offering coupons. And the success rate of companies who are yet not involved in leveraging the benefits of this marketing gimmick is very much low when compared with the companies using it.

The flourishing eCommerce industry also gave a boost to a digital form of marketing – ultimately resulting in the launch of digital coupons which are smarter and easy to use than traditional ones.

WooCommerce, which keeps an eye on every new potential trend for the eCommerce industry, also supports its users to generate and use coupons. WooCommerce coupon codes feature of this free eCommerce WordPress plugin has a lot to offer. 

Are you ready to take the advantage of them? 

What are WooCommerce Coupons?

WooCommerce coupons are a legitimate example of offering discounts and rewards to potential and loyal customers. Offering coupons is also a traditional approach towards building a customer loyalty program since it is a good source to attract new leads along with constant interactions with the existing customers. 

WooCommerce coupons promote the market share for any online business along with its sales rate. Using personalized coupons contributes to a more cozy experience for the customers – inciting them to shop in loops.  

How to Generate WooCommerce Coupons?

To generate WooCommerce coupons, you first need to enable this setting from WooCommerce’s general setting menu. 

You can do so by following the steps below – 

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin panel. 
  2. Go to WooCommerce in the side menu. Click on Settings>General Settings.
  3. Scroll through the settings to look for the Enable Coupons option. Check the corresponding checkbox to enable the setting and start generating WooCommerce coupons for your WooCommerce store.

Generate WooCommerce Coupons

Once this setting is enabled, you need to proceed with the steps to create new WooCommerce coupon codes. All the steps involved in this process are briefly discussed in the next section. 

Steps to Create New WooCommerce Coupon Codes…

To create new WooCommerce coupons, follow the steps below –

1. Add Coupon

To add a new coupon, go to Marketing>Coupons

When the dashboard loads, you’ll see a screen as below if you’re new to WooCommerce coupons and don’t have any existing coupons for your online store. If you’ll already have the existing coupons, they will reflect here.

add new coupon

The next step is to simply Create your first coupon. Click on the Add Coupon button to proceed further and create a new WooCommerce coupon.

coupon name and description

Enter the coupon code for your WooCommerce store customers and add a description too to aware your customers of the various details and/or terms of use. Although adding a description is optional, we recommend you to do so heartedly for your customer’s convenience.

Well, what’s more interesting with WooCommerce coupon codes is that you have the choice to create unique custom coupon codes or simply let the system generate one random code for your store.

WooCommerce coupon codes generated internally are usually in the alphanumeric format and are case-sensitive. 

2. Configure Coupon Settings

general settings

The next step that follows is to configure the WooCommerce coupons like setting the discount type for the coupons, coupon amount, expiry date for the coupon codes, and free shipping with coupons. 

WooCommerce coupon codes feature offers 3 variants for coupon’s discount type that we’ll discuss shortly in the next section of the blog. All these settings increase the potential of your coupon marketing campaign as they stimulate the urgency of coupon use among your customers.

3. Usage Restrictions

usage restrictions

You must have used coupons many times earlier. Did all the coupons have the same functionality?

Certainly not. 

Every store using a coupon gimmick for marketing plans its coupon usage strategies differently. With WooCommerce coupon codes, you can also restrict the usage of coupon codes by just filling in the data against various labeled options like minimum/maximum spend limit, applicable items for coupons, applying coupons for particular products only, email notifications to customers upon coupon use, etc.

4. Usage Limit

usage limits

This setting of WooCommerce coupons allows you to limit the use of coupons like if you wish to restrict your user to use the coupon once or twice only. Or you can limit the use of individual coupons irrespective of the users using the same coupon. 

People often confuse between coupon usage restrictions and usage limits. However, there isn’t any rocket science involved. The basic difference is that the WooCommerce coupon usage restrictions feature allows you to restrict/allow the use of coupons under various terms and policies of your business.

While on the other hand, the WooCommerce coupon usage limit allows you as a store owner to restrict/allow the multiple uses of a single coupon and also limit the use of the same coupon per user.

How to Make WooCommerce Coupon Codes Work For Your Store?

As store owners, you might think that how you can make these WooCommerce coupons drive the best results for your store along with satisfying your customer’s expectations. 

There are many ways you can go to offer coupons to your customers. WooCommerce, however, has smartly segmented the coupons discount variations into three categories – 

1. Percentage Discount

It is the most common application of WooCommerce coupon codes. Percentage discount allows you to set the coupon discount based on percentages.

If you have set this property with 10% off value to the coupons, when your customer uses this coupon, ha can avail the products at exactly 10% less the total value of the shopped products.

For example, let’s take an instance where your customer has added a pair of shoes to the cart valuing $300. When he’ll apply this coupon of 10% off, the cart value will change to $300 – (10% of $300) = $270.

2. Fixed Cart Discount

This discount type for WooCommerce coupons allows your customers to use the coupon on their total cart value to slash the coupon amount directly from their cart.

For example, your customer’s cart totals $550 with multiple products of different value. A fixed cart discount type of coupon is applied with a coupon amount of $50 off. The payable cost of the total cart for the customer will now be $500.

3. Fixed Product Discount

This coupon discount category applies coupon discounts for selected products only and not on the total cart. 

Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose your customer has added 3 shirts to the cart each costing $20 with a discount coupon of $5 off on each shirt. And he has also added a pair of jeans worth $50 along with shirts to the cart. Now the cart totals $110. Since the $5 off coupon applies on each shirt, the coupon discounts total $15, i.e., $60 – $15.

With a cart total of $110 and a coupon discount on each shirt totals $15, the actual payable amount for your customer calculates to be $110 – $15 = $95.

Is There Anything More To WooCommerce Coupon Codes?

I know that you understand WooCommerce is an open-source platform. Hence there is always room for adding more and more to the basic functionalities that WooCommerce has to offer. 

One such extension to the WooCommerce coupon functionalities is WooCommerce Ultimate Coupons. This plugin helps you generate WooCommerce advanced coupons with discount codes. It also facilitates you to remark the generated coupons as public coupons or private coupons. 

From creating a custom coupon pop-up on your website to automating the application of coupons on the cart page for additional discounts, WooCommerce ultimate coupons plugins cover it all. 

And the good part here is it is fairly easy to get the plugin installed and configured without much of a hassle. WooCommerce ultimate coupons provide a convenient environment for the non-developers as well, to set up the plugin in minutes. 

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Use WooCommerce Coupon Codes To Attract New Customers with Coupon Referral Program!

Referral marketing is often referred to as the “Word of Mouth” marketing approach. It’s an age-old concept to spread the word among your family members and friends about the new products/brands that you as a customer come across. We all do it for the products we like. 

Moreover, coupon marketing when integrated with the referral marketing approach increases the result rate over 5x the individual marketing methods. A coupon referral program is an easy application of a customer loyalty program. It helps you as a store owner to indirectly stimulate your customers’ interests in bringing you more prospective buyers. 

The coupon referral program also helps you in building a healthy referral community with your customers by just allowing them to refer your coupons to their family and friends via various social channels to avail themselves of additional discounts and benefits. 

We at MakeWebBetter value our customers’ needs and understand their requirements well. Our Coupon Referral Program is a well-equipped plugin for all WooCommerce store types with flexible and convenient ways to attract new leads and maintain engagement without worrying to exceed the expenses on retention strategies.

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Final Thoughts…

Coupons will always remain an indispensable tool to drive your revenue or for creating a real buzz for your online store – MakeWebBetter

WooCommerce coupon codes are flexible and are capable of helping you transform your business’s boundaries to new limits. They are the true sales boosters out of all the marketing gimmicks. The usage frequency stats of coupons in various surveys confirm its popularity and power to lure in more customers now and then.

Having trouble creating WooCommerce coupon codes for discount offers?

Drop your concern in the comments below or connect directly with our WooCommerce expert and get your queries resolved in a jiffy.

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