What you didn't know about Tesla. (video)


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  1. The first "Car-related" video I've made in about 3 years – did you like it!?
    This is a long-shot but let's see if we can get Elon to see it 😁

  2. Teslas are cool and all, but not all things done by Elon are not very practical. I recently found out about this youtuber called Adam Something he's made a few videos on Elon, and I'm not gonna lie he makes sense. I suggest y'all to watch Adam Something's videos on Elon.

  3. i was expecting by the title another video of someone roasing the shit out of elon but its actually like a news report about him and the company

  4. People bet on Tesla, because they are far ahead in their technology development.
    Electric cars are cheaper with maintenance cost, so the high price of the Tesla car is cheaper for frequent drivers than any other nice and safe car, as long as one can get a cheap loan and insurance.

  5. Nice video, however, just one correction: The regulatory credit revenue Tesla receive is not from the government! It is rather from the other gas car makers which do not have electric car production to comply with government emission mandates.

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