What is a Google Phone?! Reviewing Every Pixel/Nexus Ever! (video)



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  1. Galaxy Nexus was my first/Pixel 6 Pro my current 🔥 (Google should bring back the nexus line and sell it adjacent to pixels)

  2. Once Google releases the Pixel 7 we can finally have the clash with the iPhone 13 to create the ultimate phone:

    The χ-Phone!

  3. the Nexus 4 was my first smartphone ever, I've bought it after watching you video back in the day! Today I'm rocking my good old Poco F1 that I bought after the 2018 Smartphone camera blind test video

  4. The only Google phone that matters is Samsung. If it wasn't for Samsung, android wouldve went out of business by 2012

  5. I feel like Android died for me after the Nexus line died. The Nexus 6 was my all time favorite. After that, Android got boring for me

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