Vivo X60 Pro Plus – This is getting Ridiculous! 😂 (video)


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  1. I was abt to comment in your previous video of one plus 9 pro vs 21 ultra comparison abt the camera review of vivox60 pro plus and here it is u just uploaded it…….
    Please do compare iphone 12pro samsung s21 ultra and vivox60pro plus camera

  2. I love how there is a "That's what she said"
    in literally every video, most of the time kinda hidden.

  3. Never thought any phone by vivo would be my favourite
    But now this phone is the best flagship phone in my opinion for now
    it's up in my list with the
    MI 11, Pixel 5, Mi 10 ultra, Oneplus 8 pro, Galaxy note 20 ultra
    Also gotta add that good portrait mode and bokeh effect in phones is my weakness.

  4. This is most positive one-sided review I have heard from this channel on a phone. Big subscriber to the channel, however, If he is not using this phone on a daily basis, he finally sold his soul.

  5. Hey Mr. WhosTheBoss
    I would like to check in on you and if everything is okay with you, in the start if the video I saw some red blush on your face and wanted to wish you faster healing and good health

  6. I am not that sure but by making some changes in samsung s21 ultra's pro mode u can get some of the cool astrography shots 🤔

  7. Iphone and samsung: earphones and charger, Nah! I rather keep the money as a profit!
    Chinese phone companies: they only Cost a few dollars and people might buy our phone just for those!

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