Visiting Ghana – My Experience on the Streets of Accra Ghana

Ghana is quite possibly of the West African country you can visit. It is an English talking country. It is lined by Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Togo. The capital of Ghana is Accra. Ghana is a tranquil and cherishing country. It is the main country in Africa to acquire autonomy. This is one of the many justifications for why you ought to visit Ghana. It has a delightful culture, astounding food sources and beautiful people.
If you are wanting to visit Ghana, there are such countless spots to visit in Ghana.


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Video of Accra Ghana

Facts About Ghana

ghana cities

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  • The importance of Ghana is champion King
  • It has the greatest man-made lake in the world
  • The longest stream in Ghana is the Volta river
  • The official cash is the cedi
  • Ghana has a populace of more than 30 million individuals in Ghana.

Number of States/Regions in Ghana

Accra Ghana

These are the states and districts in Ghana.
Greater Accra
Upper East
Upper West


Travel to Ghana Requirements

international passport yellow card

Travelling to Ghana requires two things, your global visas and your yellow fever card. To get your Yellow fever card, Please generously read here:

Or watch the Video Below

Are Ghana Land borders open?

accra mosque

As of November 2021, Ghana borders are right now not open. To head out to Ghana, you really want to go via Air. All Ghana land borders are at present closed. This makes it difficult to head out by street to Ghana from Nigeria and other West African countries.
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Ghana Currency


The Ghana official money is Cedi. Ghana has both the coin and the notes. To really take a look at the correlation among Ghana and the Nigerian money. Watch the video below.

Where Ghana is Located?

black square accra

Ghana is situated in West Africa and It is one of the well known nations in Africa. It was the primary African country to acquire autonomy. It is sandwiched between Togo, Burkina Faso and the Ivory coast which are for the most part Francophone countries.

independence square accra

What Ghana is realized For?

Ghana is known for gold, espresso and so on. It is one of the greatest exporters of cocoa and espresso in the world.

accra national mosque

Kwame Nkruma Park

Travel to Ghana Africa

Travelling to Ghana is something you ought to add to your pail lists.

Travel to Ghana from Nigeria Covid 19

If you are heading out to Ghana from Nigeria. You want a Coronavirus test. Just a negative test will ensure your visit to the country.

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Pictures of Ghana


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