Top 5 Mercedes EQS Features: Electric Luxury! (video)


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  1. Having Elite, fast & more responsive Software is a must. So I feel like Tesla will be next to make the leap to better material.

  2. I’ll take the EQS version thank you very much!! …software can always get better, it’s just if Mercedes will do it or invest in more/better software engineers

  3. i think the production version of the eqs will have better software and screens like the normal s class from 2020…. at least i hope so….

  4. This just shows how much better other companies can be versus Tesla. Even in very low spec Mercedes, you can get a majority of these features. I guess it makes you appreciate them more once you’ve been driving a car with next to no equipment inside of it

  5. In the 360° you can clearly see the front and the back of the car without the camouflage …. 😅
    🤫 don’t tell Mercedes

  6. Normal Cars are a huge level down bcauz the electric cars offers a huge amount of luxury and comfort which no other type of car can provide..

  7. If I were lucky to choose from the 2, without a single question, with zero doubts I’d choose EQS for SURE!

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