The Smartphone With a Microscope Camera?!


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  1. A BIG NO to OPPO, dont waste your money if you are a normal user ! Not a freak who changes phone every few months

  2. Who else didn't see MKBHD's videos because his thumbnail is blue and it blends in with everything else.. anyone?
    The orange thumbnail was so much easier to see in the notification list.

  3. dude are you just switching between pronunciations of niche now to get more engagement because . it's working!

  4. The cumbersome william unexpectedly measure because doll possibly greet into a unique test. numerous, torpid town

  5. Should I buy the s21+ or is there any better phones on this price. Let me know. I dont want to buy a phone with less than 120hz

  6. I have no words to say about this phone, but my mind was blown when I first watched this video about this phone having a microscope camera, and a 10-bit billion color display! 🤯🤩😃😄

  7. Bruh I made this same thing with the lense of an iPhone 4 and just taped it to the camera of my iPhone XR, works with any phone and doesn’t have to be the lense from an iPhone 4. You should try it

  8. I don't think this is a gimmick at all. As a biologist, this kind of on-the-go tools make the difference.

  9. While this IS impressive, I just want a high end phone without a bump. Make the whole phone thicker, and fill the rest with a larger battery, or make an option with a dumbed down camera. I do not need much of a high end camera, but that's what seems to be the main focus on phones these days.

  10. Hey buddy my husband is fan of ur review so sometimes I watch wit him ur videos
    Anytime in life n by any chance wen u free n hav nothing to make read holy Quran n share ur views through video would love to see n wud definitely subscribe….wit tonnes of Love frm UAE

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