The Rivian R1T is an Incredibly Fun Electric Pickup! (video)



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  1. For the people this is being marketed to how many of them realistically are there who are willing to buy this pickup and the more important question is, is it sustainable and will it keep the company profitable. I feel like their laser focus on a very specific type of lifestyle is gonna fail in the long run.

  2. The "GEAR TUNNEL" was originally made/designed for an electric skateboard or scooter to do the final few miles into the city on those other EV's . JUST THOUGHT ID LET U KNOW :P MUCH LOVE as ALWAYS !

  3. 1 hour to charge for 2/3rds? 170 miles? My ecodiesel puts this to shame with 6 gallons of diesel and 5 minutes at a pump and no need for behind the scenes coal powered power plants… For city folks this might be the way forward, but to go to great outdoors – not going to work…

  4. You just gotta love clean sheet thinking!!! And it is very nice to see folks in the UK lusting for an American designed and made vehicle.

  5. Now I just need to find the $70,000 burning a hole in my pocket. 😁 Looks like a nice option, but that price does sting. Hopefully that comes down in the years ahead.

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