The REAL reason you don’t get a charger anymore. (video)

Samsung and Apple not offer you a charger with the Samsung galaxy S21 / S21 Extremely and Apple iPhone 12 / 12 Professional / 12 Professional Max – However is that this ACTUALLY simply to save lots of the surroundings? To see what I acquired by shopping for the strangest telephones on the web:

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  1. Seen a lot of people saying something along the lines of "we all need to do something about this."

    Stop buying their bullshit. Have you tried that? That's what "we the people" can do. I haven't ever bought a phone without a headphone jack, or without a charger, or with a notch in it. My desires are pretty clearly represented to the market via the purchase I make every 2-4 years, and by the fact that those devices don't go offline after just 6 to 18 months.

    That's what my activity has told big phone companies. What has yours told them you want them to do? Has yours told Apple or Samsung that you're cool with having shit battery life and a phone in a glass slipper because you're waaaaaaay more interested in aesthetic and what your phone says about your financial status than you are about functionality? Also that you care about waterproofing so much that you're willing to give up all sorts of features like removable batteries, ports, physical sim, and repairability, in the pursuit of being able to drop it into a puddle and have it maybe not die?

    Because I bet that's what it says.

  2. Those new packages are half the size, which means twice as many per pallet for shipping. So they can ship twice as much for the same space.

    It's more eco-friendly for them. Not us. Plus there's no £50-£100 reduction in the price for the loss of products and savings on packaging

  3. It's bad enough everyone's trying to sell you accessories that used to come for free and calling it saving the environment. Is 3 feet of charger cord and 3 feet of audio wire for your earpieces that inconvenient? Surely all the electromagnetic pollution from wireless everything pulsing at high gigahertz frequencies can't be good for living bodies in the long run.

  4. Got my S21 ULTRA 5G in a deal where I trade in my old GALAXY S8 ACTIVE! The S8 came with a USB-C charger cable, that works fine with my s21 Ultra, so I kept it and sent the S8 without the charger! Fair trade! All good!

  5. Some valid points yeah. Disagree on :
    Not all buy or care about the latest charger
    Not all of us change headphones all the time
    Not all of us buy online (yeah yeah pandemic) OR in single item orders ffs. I can add all of them in one.
    I use the same charger and head phones where as I have changed 3 phones.
    To sum up: fast charging is BS just invest those money to finally get better batteries.
    Edit: Do not compare some extra paper to an extra charger

  6. If I wasn't already a fan, I'd have subscribed when you said it's good for the environment because that was funny… 😄😄😄

  7. Super informative video! I really hope the wireless chargers don’t become an industry standard. Imagine 6 billion people using those wireless chargers!!!!!

  8. I watched your videos without subscribing, but this is the best video of yours till day. And you got a new subscriber.

  9. Damn next it will cost u to have it programmed I bought a new phone at Verizon store an the plug did not last a year !!!!

  10. Does anyone think that Apple is literally destroying our smartphone experience? They made ample hateful decisions and somehow other smartphone companies actually decided to follow suit. Apple no longer stands out from other smartphone companies. Yet, their hateful decisions actually became some sort of industrial standards. Will there be one day that we have to search for some incredibly small smartphone companies in order to have the features which we loved?

  11. A 13 + minutes video of explaining a corporations bullshale. Here's the truth. These corporations are greedy af and want to sell you as much stuff as possible to maximize their profits. And that's to sell you something that collects all of your information and sends it back to the actual owner of the device you are actually renting from them. You own nothing. They own you. All of you.

    I hear George Carlin yelling from the grave. "They own you! They own you! They own you!"

    Good grief.

  12. to summarize it all
    fuck the tech companies who did it and plans to do it.
    hope all the bad luck and bad karma comes to them

  13. "In about a year or two, a lot of companies are gonna stop giving free cases"

    Yall got free phonecases?!?!?!

  14. Who the fuck is this guy, nice editing you don’t even cover things I like but smooth editing is 🔑

  15. I love this channel. So complex and successful, yet the exact opposite of a sellout. Genuine and helpful. I absolutely love it.

  16. My phone, work phone, tablet, laptop and work laptop all charge with a USB-C charger and I love that – I use the one cable to charge almost all the things I use on a regular basis. I'm not too upset about items not coming with chargers in and of itself, but I do think companies need to stop coming up with new 'unique' charging cables like the MagSafe apple phone one you mentioned.

  17. Excellent video!
    You're sharp and intuitive.
    You pretty much cover every possible question I think of when I see the title of your videos.
    I recently subscribed to your channel after seeing you cover the biggest cellphone failures.
    Bravo sir!
    Keep up the great work.

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  19. Phone companies will just sell an empty box next year. And morons will still pay a thousand bucks for it.

  20. Stop buying latest phones you dumb heads so that their stocks fall and they don't make that mistake again

  21. I'm all in favour of them dropping the included charger with Smartphones.

    By this time, we seem to have settled on a near-universal standard for USB chargers. You find them in a multitude of public spaces. Coffee shops, airports, libraries, restaurants. Most cars now have them. I've even seen them on airplanes.

    In my house, every room has at least one dual-gang electrical outlet with two USB charging sockets (one USB C, one USB A). This means that everybody who comes to my home can charge any device that uses USB charging. These cost less than £20 retail, and can be installed by a reasonably competent person in less than fifteen minutes.

    Is it possible that at some point these built-in sockets will become obsolete, replaced by some as-yet unannounced standard? Sure. But so what? We'll replace the built-in sockets when needed.

    I have several boxes of now-obsolete "wall-wart" chargers for products that I no longer use, or even own. To be fair I should take them to my local recycling centre. Of course I hold on to them, thinking that there is going to some day be an electronic project that is going to require the particular voltage, amperage, and connector type. But really?

  22. i got a bunch of chargers left from all the phones that i broke by accident 2 weeks after owning them

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  24. I have just emptied a drawer full of chargers into a rummage box.
    None of them is compatible with any current phone, but the phones have died, so every time I replaced a phone, it needed a different charger.
    This is why sometimes we need international legislative standards to overrule corporate "closed system" policies.

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