The Best Mac I've Ever Reviewed! (video)


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  1. I watched the video till 5:31 and then realized it was a April fools😤🤣 and He was referring to his dog!🐶❤️

  2. I have 3 mini versions. Unfortunately the water cooling on one unit leaks whenever it senses a squirrel.

  3. He is one cute little bugger! Well done with putting your usual review pieces to your older 'Mac'. Great light-hearted review, and just what was needed for a not so great workday.

  4. A random creation is the best ever Mac and yet a trillion dollar company couldn't make one. How funny is it.

  5. This living "device" requires walking him out every morning, actually every single day, to deposit some "products" of its existence regardless of weather condition outside, your mood, laziness level etc. I found it a lil' bit challenging when I had one loooong time ago. Re-charging it time to time wasn't a problem though.

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