Talking Tech and AI with Google CEO Sundar Pichai! (video)


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  1. SundarPichai sir I am also born in indai only I know how the telephone technology 😂one ruppess coin

  2. One part I'm most excited about AI is in movies. I saw the Irishman de aging vs AI de aging and was truly amazed like a kid. This is game changing as on screen actors can extend their stay as certain ages. Like a new Michael Keaton Batman movie is possible now. And perhaps crossing ethical borders of using actors from beyond the grave, but I see this being most helpful for small films being able to stretch their budget by saving alot in VFX. Or indie films having big names in their projects

  3. two boring people talk about boring tech, nothing to see here. miss the era or sergey brin and eric scmidt that actually did tech stuff and not social justice and diversity tech.

  4. I can't wait till MKBHD interview the CEO of samsung. & please MKBHD wear a Galaxy watch when that happens. Just to see the look on there face when you do.

  5. He's talking with the CEO of one of the most evil companies in the world.

    I rage whenever Marcus has a psychopath on his show and portrays them as normal friendly billionaires

  6. I'm watching this on my ROG G14 Zephyrus in Thailand, which I assure you Lew, is currently waaaay hotter than Canada lo

  7. So proud! Taking the opportunity to speak with the technology giants such that all of us have an insight into their thinking about the products they produce for the everyday person. No holding back and yet respectful as ever. This speaks to the excellent balance of being an Internet Interviewer. What honest courage. Thank you.

  8. hey MK next time you met Sunder make sure to ask him why they removed PALESTINE from google maps

  9. Am I the only one that is loving Sundar's jacket? Would love to know the brand…. casual and polished at the same time.

  10. I see Sundar Pichai, and then he just morphs into Jeff Goldblum speaking with an Indian accent.. Surreal.

  11. FYI Marques, his name is pronounced as Soon-dar, not Sun as in Sunday. :) Soondar means beautiful in Hindi and many Indian languages.

  12. I fucking want my phone to swithch to Silent mode when it's in my hand and back to normal when it isn't . Please sundar add this feature 😄

  13. No captions? :( Luckily I'm still able to use the live-generated captions from my Pixel, but they're still delayed. Accessibility is important!

  14. Fast forward to October..
    Marques: So I've been using the Pixel 6 for two weeks. Here are my thoughts.
    Sundar: I've been using that Pixel 6 since our interview and called it "release pixel" back in the day.

  15. He is so correct about the live caption feature! I use it all the time and I don't have a hearing impairment, it's very useful when I don't have my headphones in and I'm on Instagram or something, since I don't like using the external speakers

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