Surface Duo 2: Can This Be Saved? (video)



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  1. I think it is a great concept to have separate dual screens, but I can feel the annoying and impractical for everyday usage.

  2. can you talk about tesla cars patents ? does it have any patents ? and does tesla model s gear shift from the screen is patent or not ? make an episode , please if you can .

  3. I’m tired of companies listening to everyone’s complaints as this is another example of listening to complainers actually making it worse!
    They need to get rid of the rear camera and just make the best possible face camera to keep it sleek and make it 40% – 50% smaller.

  4. Personally I couldn’t care less about phone cameras, to me it’s just a waste of my money that I can’t even opt out of. Wish phone company’s would try releasing a new phone gen with two versions, one without exterior cameras(just the selfie one) and one with both sets of cameras. I wonder how well the camera less versions would sell.

  5. I think Microsoft should change the purpose of the device. It shouldn't be a phone it should be a companion to your phone. Label it as a tablet (cheaper cell connection this way.) Allow, text and phone calls to be paired by bluetooth to your phone. Or pair like the cellular version of the Apple Watch. I think the duo would be a great companion device kinda like the iPad.

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  7. I’m guessing that the next positive video that he’s really looking forward to is the MacBook Pro that he’s undoubtedly already been using for a couple of days. 😂

  8. I thought maybe what Microsoft really want to made is not a phone but a compact 2in1 laptop. So you can see they made Neo. But the OS, windows X is dead.

  9. This just shows you how advanced other companies are when it comes to this. I've seen a lot of videos on how foldable screens work and a lot of people don't even know what materials Samsung is using on their Z fold3s. The fact that this is selling for like 300 less than a real foldable phone is an insult. Microsoft was always kind of behind when smartphones started coming up, and you can tell they will be behind in the foldable phone world too. This looks like something from the mid 2000s

  10. 1. Integrate the bump into the back of the phone like the lenses are flush with the rest of the phone. 2 thicker batteries. 3. small outside oiled screen where the Microsoft logo is on one of the sides that make it the most comfortable to use. 4.Add some better cameras to the front as well as the back so u can take selfie photos closed. 5. make the back of the phone be white or black with better resistance to fingerprints. 6 improve software. 7 don’t curve that display.

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