Samsung Z Flip 3 Review: The First Big Step! (video)


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  1. Does it have a micro sd card slot? And can I open all the settings menus without hardlocking my camera?

  2. WTF are people doing on their phones these days? For this price you can buy a really good computer… Do people need to see TikTok this bad?

  3. Shouldn't the crucial external SSD work just fine with iPhones too, since it has a USB-C port and iPhones come with a lightning-to-USB-C cable? 🤔

  4. The shaggy seat actually land because dietician endosonographically bounce failing a separate deborah. odd, irate halibut

  5. Gosh, those subtitles (premiere, I'm assuming) are horrible at some points. Doesn't he have a whole team? Seriously, how long does it take to review these?

  6. More "Durable folding glass"
    We'll see about that in a few months and how many sell on Ebay because the screen died from use. I still think no matter what material they use, folding the phone screen with such a small divet is a very bad idea, too much stress on the screen. Motorola's Razr may technically be inferior in specs, but their design solution definetly has better durability when folding the screen. Maybe not against dust, but when it comes to just folding, it is def much better than the previous Flips

  7. The way that I see those type of phones it's like interesting is not like cool. why would I like that type of flip phones if I have already my phone like you I just pull up my phone and that's it. it's an interesting idea overall

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