Python Temple Where Pythons are Worshipped in Ouidah, Benin Republic

The Python Temple Ouidah is one of the numerous hallowed spots in the Benin republic. Sanctuary Des Pythons as it is considered normal brought in French, has become one of the most well known vacationer locations in the Benin Republic. Your visit to the Benin Republic wouldn’t be fragmented without visiting the Python Temple.
Africa is known for its safari, mangroves, backwoods and nature holds. The mainland is honored with lovely culture, scenes and parcels to see. From the sea shores in West Africa, and the antiquated urban communities in North Africa to the untamed life in East Africa and the wonderful societies from South Africa. However Africa is known for such countless things. Strict the travel industry is less investigated. Voodoo religion is one of the many practices in the Republic of Benin.

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What to Know About Benin Republic

python temple

The Benin Republic is a tranquil nation situated in West Africa. It imparts a line to Nigeria, Togo, Niger Republic, and Burkina Faso. The capital of the Benin Republic is Port Novo, while Cotonou is the financial force to be reckoned with. The significant dialects spoken in Benin are Fon, Yoruba, Dendi and Bariba. While the authority language is French.

In the seventeenth Century, the region currently known as Benin Republic used to be known as the Kingdom of Dahomey. A famous slave coast locale during the seventeenth Century. The city was well known for the slave exchange very much like the Point of No Return Badagry, Nigeria.

Video of Python Temple

About the Sacred Temple

temple du python

The Python Temple or sanctuary des python as its frequently called is one of the many voodoo places of worship in the Republic of Benin. They commit the holy place to the Pythons. This is on the grounds that Pythons are holy creatures in the Benin Republic.
The Python sanctuary is a holy sanctuary for voodoo otherworldly worshipping.

The sanctuary highlights somewhere in the range of 40 and 70 Pythons lying around without restriction. The pythons are innocuous and wouldn’t hurt anybody. You really want to step with alert while moving around the sanctuary as the snakes wander unreservedly. As indicated by local people, If you kill any of the pythons there are both legitimate and profound consequences.
The sanctuary has become not simply a strict focus. It has turned into an image of mysticism and one of the most visited vacation spots in Benin Republic. A visit to Benin republic without visiting the Python Temple wouldn’t be complete.

Why The Pythons?

Generally, Pythons are wild creatures however the converse is the situation in Benin Republic. They monitor and safeguard this creature.
Legend has it that the King of Ouidah while running from his foes during the between ancestral conflicts. He took shelter in the Forest, while in the woods, he was safeguarded by the pythons who kept his adversaries from catching him. After the conflict, he raised three cottages out of appreciation for the pythons. Right up ’til now, individuals actually love the Pythons. They are consecrated in the Republic of Benin

pythons at python temple

Inside the Python temple

The sanctuary is a round-molded substantial structure with earth material. Inside the sanctuary is an opening like an underground house where snakes of various sizes from 2 feet to north of 6 feet are kept. The Pythons are generally delivered to the wild once every month to take care of. When they feed, they return to the sanctuary, the ones that don’t return will be taken to the place of worship by individuals who the Pythons could have paid a visit.
The winds frequently wander going to chase and scan individuals’ homes for food. It chases mice and other more modest animals.
It is essential to take note of that this is a holy site so sympathetically comply with their guidelines and regulations.

ouidah temple

The Confluence of Two Religions

Unlike different regions of the planet, Benin is a serene country, independent of their strict convictions, the residents are extremely open minded toward each other. The site of the Benin Python Temple is situated inverse a congregation known as the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. It is a catholic church and it is inherent front of the sanctum. Everybody does their thing without disrupting each other’s activities.
It’s very unexpected having a Sacred Voodoo Temple directly before a Catholic church.

python temple ouidah benin republic
catholic church in benin

The Pythons

In Benin Republic, there are two kinds of Pythons, the Dagbe Dre and the Dagbe Kpohoun. The male and the female Pythons, one is greater while the other is smaller.

Gate expense to Python Temple

CFA temple du python gate fee

Entrance to the Python Temple comes at 1,000 CFA, If you need to take photographs, you will be ordered to pay an extra 1,000 Naira. Altogether, you will pay 2,000 CEFA. This is roughly $4 and 2,000 Naira.

Things to do at the Python Temple

  1. Learn about the way of life and custom: This has turned into a vacationer most loved location. It is a decent spot to find out about the way of life, religion and the lifestyle of the people.
  2. Take A Picture with the snakes: This has become one of the pleasant activities when you visit the python temple.
  3. carry The snake: Carrying a snake could sound unpleasant, yet with regards to snakes at the sanctuary, they are essentially as delicate as a pigeon and won’t hurt individuals. Go ahead and convey them.
  4. Buy Souvenirs from the gift shop: The sanctuary has a present shop where sightseers can purchase keepsakes, fine arts, woodworks and present items.

Note: It doesn’t make any difference regardless of whether you have faith in voodoo. Kindly compassionately regard others’ religions. Regardless of whether you put stock in their practices, if it’s not too much trouble, regard them.

How to Get to Python Temple

Depending on where you are in Benin Republic, you really want to track down your direction to Ouidah. Ouidah is a short ways from Cotonou. When you get to Ouidah. You can request bearings to the Python Temple.

Other Tourist Centers Close to the Python Temple

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Djegba Resort
Ouidah Museum of History
Ganvie Lake village
Babs Dock

Pictures from Python Temple


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