Pixel 6's Tensor Chip: Let's Talk! (video)


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  1. Love these insightful chats from Marques! Really good information and his own takes and what he see's as what might happen. One of the reasons I sub and view his vids!

  2. Might be the minority here, but love the design of this. It's actually different and refreshing. Plus, with camera bump being horizontal across the entire phone, don't need to worry about it rocking side to side on a table

  3. I think that mic isn't the best one for you, your audio is a bit sibilant and picks up your mouth noises. De-ess or change mics? :D

  4. Excited for iPhone 13 even more though. Can’t wait for the Pixel 6 (Pro) vs iPhone 13 (Pro Max)

  5. Wow! I remember the days when I talk about pixel phones and no one knew about it and now its starting to get interesting. Excited for the future of Google phones. 🤯

  6. Do you think now with Tensor Google will get back into the tablet game? The Samsung Galaxy S7 has really helped to make Android tablets a real option again. Plus is would really like to see what Google could do if they truly focused on that market/form factor.

  7. I feel like between him and lew n Willy doo on unbox a killer rap battle could take place on da low they both keep teasing us with the instrumentals 😆

  8. I have been using Google phones since Nexus. I've been impressed with what they offer in terms of specifications. This new chip that Google is developing was the exact piece of the puzzle needed to really go head-to-head with the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Series. Cannot wait until this new phone arrives but for now I have plenty of video to go through to keep me occupied lol

  9. That camera bar is disgusting and will guarantee you get laughed at. (and now we know what was in that embargo box, lol)

  10. wouldn't the money saved from cutting out the middle man just go towards the r&d and engineering that went into the Tensor chip?

  11. I'm so excited for this phone but…
    It sounds expensive for the pro…
    Not a good thing hopefully I'm wrong

  12. I don't think I can trust Google at this point.
    I had a G1. Nexus phones. Pixel.
    This is Google's first chip in a phone.

    I think it would be wise to wait until the second iteration.

  13. This is why I love this channel and yeah! I can see marques even impressed by google pixel phones. For me I have pixel 5️⃣ thanks to marques. I got impressed by pixel features 💜

  14. I'm just a guy who's been using samsung phones for the past 5+ years only for ONE feature only found in those phones "block messages by phrase". On Spring/Summer 2019 that app was just gone after an update on my phone. Since then I have been using google messaging app (on my samsung phone) which does a decent good job at blocking scam/spam text to this day. That 2019 update brings me to Pixel phones which I don't mind at all now. Pixel phones are probably the simplest android phones out there and they lack of unnecessary/extra apps.

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