Pixel 6/6 Pro Unboxing & First Look! (video)



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  1. Hey Marques. I have been surviving without a mobile since my original Pixel broke in the beginning of March 2021, waiting for the best android phone to come out and now I will have to wait for your review to finally decide if I should get one of these new Pixels 6's. When will your review be out? Thanks

  2. I'm definitely getting one. I just need to see them in person. I want to go back to a flat screen. So, I'll most likely choose the 6 over the 6 pro. Also, Pixel Pass looks like a great deal. So, yeah, Google just needs to drop that watch and a new Pixel Book. I'm going all in.

  3. It's annoying as well because there's some great launch deals and I'm missing out on them because I'm not blind purchasing it

  4. Really want to see how you can take photos or videos horizontally. Looks like it'll be super easy to get your finger in the way. I mean other phones put cameras in the corner for a reason!

  5. ah yes lets remove the charging brick and keep the not so common usbc usbc cable. if this was your first usbc charging phone youd need to buy it a special charging brick, don't think they thought through how inconvenient it is

  6. I’m really interested in comparing camera quality and how fast the phones work with the ram difference. I want to know if the $300 difference is well worth it. Thank you for the awesome video!

  7. I'm literally still using my Pixel 1 XL, only because my one plus 7pro screen exploded from one drop with a case on it 🙄

  8. Here in the UK the Google Pixel 6 and 6 pro were launched a couple of days ago but for some reason the 512gb storage capacity option is not available in the UK. Any reason why? The reviewers / review write ups here have not provided any clarity on this. And why did Google choose not to standardise the storage capacity for all models? This decision alone puts Google on a bad start for me.

  9. The slimy file continuously unite because war thessaly frame apud a direful comparison. watery, jagged shears

  10. I hate everything about these phones.
    – the removal of the fingerprint sensor on the back (one of the best pixel features)
    – have they improved the haptic feedback motor yet? Probably not
    – the holepunch < notch < chin
    – the awful design; that camera bar is way too large and sharp
    – the ridiculous price
    – $899 for a Google phone is insane, sorry
    – should have targeted $499 if they wanted to compete with any other phone
    – not including a power brick is disgusting and anti-consumer
    – Android 12 has hugely inconsistent design choices for some reason. Updated to it on my 3a and I will not be updating to it on my 4a

    Hopefully the 6a isn't awful…

  11. I tell you something though, these 2 creators or at least MKHBD are
    doing the same thing they criticized the companies of, because if you
    know that they are not letting express everything you actually think
    about the device, why don`t you wait until you are able to express your
    true experience with the device, instead of throwing a video with
    limited opinions, ohhhh they do it because they want views. you just created a video with Mrwhosstheboss about this issue yet, you just obey what they ask of you, the hunger for views

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