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Photos: Israel attacks Gaza with deadly air raids | Gallery

Israeli air attacks on Friday killed no less than 10 individuals, including a commandant of the Islamic Jihad bunch, as fears of a hard and fast conflict on Gaza again held the blockaded Palestinian territory.

Multiple impacts could be heard and seen all through Gaza. Israeli observation robots could be heard drifting over the enclave.

The assaults follow long stretches of strain with the Islamic Jihad after the capture of senior Palestinian pioneer Bassam al-Saadi in the involved West Bank city of Jenin.

Ghazi Hamad, a senior authority for Hamas – the gathering that administers the strip – said the most recent assault is “a fierce wrongdoing, a slaughter done by the Israeli occupation against our people”.

Hamad told Al Jazeera there is “no defense” for the assaults, adding Palestinian groups reserve the privilege to shield themselves and “safeguard” their people.

Rockets should have been visible being terminated late Friday from Gaza towards Israel in the primary Palestinian response.


Source: israeli-strikes-hit-gaza-city-as-strain boils

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