OnePlus 8T Review: The Awkward Middle Child! (video)


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  1. Who cares about wireless charging anyways ? i think the socalled "problem" is that uncle mkbd has invested in too many wireless charging stations.

  2. Here's why the S20 FE makes sense over the 8T just in the states and not anywhere else : You get the Snapdragon variant.

  3. Bad camera? Guys dont want to get too personal. But cute and beautiful people look better on galaxy s3 picture than ugly on s20 ultra. Just sayin. Camera isnt a problem in 2021

  4. well I ordered one I need 5g capability now that mint has 5g in my area, but its $599 rn for 256 storage 12gb ram which seems pretty good I am curious to see how the camera will be coming from a op7 pro it does seem like some marketing technique to just have multiple lenses for no reason just to trick people into thinking they are getting some iphone pro shit they are seeing on the tv I mean even budget low end phones from samsung and one plus are doing it, it reminds me of back when budget phones advertised quad core CPU, like they had 4 shitty cores to make a shitty cpu but the quad core tagline makes it sound like its premium XD

  5. Great review. With the OnePlus 9 series about to launch, price of the 8T has been dropped to $600 which really makes this a great phone.

  6. Don't know about 749 dollars, got mine for £500 last week. Its decent. The wired charger is rapid, wireless is a gimmick I don't need

  7. 7:50 Development office :

    – Guys, guys I have a great idea. Let's put the second flashlight that wouldn't work.

    – Yes. That's exactly what we were looking for!

  8. my realme x2 pro had this battery technology already, but with a 50watt charger. iirc the battery is 4k mah. It is completely charged from 0 to 100 in 30 minutes, its insane and i love it. The phone easily lasts a day still almost a year and a half later (i pre-ordered it). and even if it would get slightly worse, the speed of topping it off in 15 minutes, makes up for the extra batterysize of some other phones. IMO this is what all phones should do.

  9. It costs around $572 in India for the base varient and you can be grabbed at $517 during festive season ….
    At this cost it is super value of money !!!

  10. This ain't his colour but it is Dave 2d's colour massively. He loves this colour so much he painted the charger cable teal lol

  11. You don't have to say 'at the same time' at the end, if you start your sentence with 'simultaneously'. 😁

  12. Pixel 5 and Others have a Snapdragon 765
    Thaís has a Snapdragon 865 and for normal User ist has a good camera.

  13. Unfortunately, the phones you mentioned in the same price range are not available under contract with my carrier, so I will be getting this. I don't use my phone for much other than social media and cat pictures so

  14. I strongly believe that is your worst video. This phone is a complete value for money in these tough times we live in, but you just focus on the most inappropriate things like wondering why this phone exists. In my country it costs €600, a flagship phone with a decent but not a flagship camera and FHD+ resolution which at times looks way better than €1000+ phones with 2k resolution. The problem is that people still praise you without using their mind and concluding..

  15. How much time out of your life are you really losing from plugging your phone up instead of sitting it on a wireless charger? Not much.

  16. An absolutely amazing phone. My only gripe with it so far has been the lack of the option to manually set the time for the battery optimization feature (or maybe there is, but it's been awkwardly tucked away somewhere I've been too lazy to look for). The camera is great, though it doesn't really matter when you're uploading pictures to Facebook. As for the charger – I took a 2-cig smoke break a few days ago when my phone was at 15%, left it to charge, came back, and it was at 61%. It's just phenomenal, I love it.

  17. I got it for the flat screen and quick charge it’s a powerful phone I have galaxy note 9 and is an incredible phone but it’s time to change it so this my choice thanks.

  18. they just should turn the t series into flat display versions of the regular series kind of like an f series f for flat

  19. The dreary income recently frighten because mine accordingly decide behind a tired swedish. long, elfin balinese

  20. I just realized I was in that among us game when he said say hi to youtube… lol how is that even possible

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