NFL’s best players ever at every offensive position

Quarterback Tom Brady was resigned during the 2022 NFL offseason for only 40 days prior to selecting to return for a 23rd season that could (perhaps?) be his last, close end Rob Gronkowski as of late chosen to hang them up, and protective tackle Aaron Donald inked an enormous agreement expansion this mid year to make him the game’s most generously compensated non-QB after likewise thinking about retirement. Everything made us ponder where these legends of the game stack up all time at their separate positions.

We asked 50 specialists, correspondents and investigators to name the NFL’s most prominent player ever at each position. The objective was to limit the field to only one GOAT at quarterback, wide beneficiary, edge rusher, cornerback and even kicker. We’re beginning here with seven hostile positions, and safeguard and unique groups will be revealed Wednesday.

After we counted the polling forms and delegated every hostile position’s best player ever, our electors made an appearance and made sense of their choices. Besides, Jeff Legwold separated why every GOAT was picked, and ESPN Stats & Information dove into the numbers to choose key details to be aware. We should begin at quarterback, which shouldn’t shock many.

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Voting results: Brady procured 44 of 50 votes (88%)

Career: New England (2000-2019); Tampa Bay (2020-present)
Pro Bowl selections: 15
Career stats: 318 games, 84,520 passing yards, 624 passing TDs, 203 INTs

Why he’s the GOAT quarterback: Brady is a seven-time Super Bowl champ in 10 excursions, a three-time NFL MVP and as of now the association’s vocation record holder in passing endeavors, consummations, passing yards and passing scores. His groups have dominated less than 10 matches in a season only once in his vocation, and that was twenty years prior (2002). What’s more, in his season finisher begins, his groups have a 35-12 record. – – Jeff Legwold

Stat to know: Brady is the main NFL QB with in excess of 200 vocation wins. He has 243, a larger number of wins than four current NFL establishments (Ravens at 233, Panthers at 205, Jaguars at 180 and Texans at 139).

What our citizens said

The seven titles are at the highest point of Brady’s list of qualifications. However, we should not fail to remember he has dominated the qualities of significant level quarterback play. That is the dreary mechanics, the handling both pre-and post-snap, and the capacity to toss with exactness and area. Brady is the model of significance at the position, and he has done this for north of 20 years on the game’s greatest stages. – – Matt Bowen, NFL analyst

If having a NFL-record seven Super Bowl titles wasn’t sufficient to think about Brady the GOAT, consider he has additionally tossed for the most scores and yards in association history. He’s the main player chose to 15 Pro Bowls, and you could contend he has a Hall of Fame list of references in two distinct many years. Brady was named to the All-Decade Team in both the 2000s and 2010s. – – Evan Kaplan, Stats & Information

The insights represent themselves. So does the life span. For my purposes, it’s the way even on his most terrible day, even in the most unfriendly circumstances – – a blizzard, a cut tossing hand, being down 28-3 in Super Bowl LI – – Brady has consistently figured out how to take out a couple of additional plays than every other person. – – Jenna Laine, Buccaneers reporter

While football is a definitive group activity, Brady has isolated himself from the rest by goodness of seven Super Bowl wins. That is fringe inconceivable. And keeping in mind that life span doesn’t necessarily in all cases liken to significance, Brady’s supported life span is unbelievable. There are components of his game that have some way or another apparently gotten better with each season that has passed. This was a simple decision for me. – – Field Yates, NFL analyst

The sprinters up

  • Joe Montana (four votes): Sal Paolantonio, host of NFL Matchup, says he decided in favor of Montana over Brady since “he was 4-0 in the Super Bowl with 11 score passes and no block attempts. Extreme to beat flawlessness at the title level.” Raiders columnist Paul Gutierrez likewise contends that Montana is the top QB ever, highlighting “four Lombardi prizes in nine years when rules helped the protection and the commitment that no game was genuinely unattainable with Montana at the helm.”

  • Peyton Manning (two votes): “Monitoring changed how we take a gander at a QB’s capacity to run an offense on the field progressively,” says NFL expert Louis Riddick. “He ran everything at the line of scrimmage, and no QB throughout the entire existence of football made protective organizers second guess themselves from a schematic/strategic stance the manner by which Manning did.” NFL journalist Jeremy Fowler likewise decided in favor of Manning, saying, “He was the game’s initial five-time MVP champ, changed how NFL offenses are run and dominated 67.6% of his matches over his vocation. Also, tossing for 55 scores in 2013 – – two years eliminated from late-profession neck a medical procedure – – lives in association folklore.”

Voting results: Brown procured 23 of 50 votes (46%)

Career: Cleveland (1957-1965)
Hall of Fame: 1971
Pro Bowl selections: 9
Career stats: 118 games, 2,359 conveys, 12,312 surging yards, 106 hurrying TDs, 20 getting TDs

Why he’s the GOAT running back: Brown was 29 years of age when his last season started in 1965 and paralyzed numerous when he resigned after that season. He arrived at the midpoint of 5.2 yards per continue his vocation, was the association MVP multiple times and was picked for the Pro Bowl the entire profession. Brown resigned as the association’s unequaled driving rusher and scored three scores in his last game – – the 1966 Pro Bowl. – – Legwold

Stat to know: Brown drove the NFL in hurrying yards in eight of his nine seasons in the association. No other running back in NFL history has driven the association in hurrying multiple times.

What our citizens said

In nine NFL seasons, Brown drove the association in surging multiple times, scrimmage yards multiple times and all out TDs multiple times, winning MVP in 33% of his profession seasons. In a time in which everybody ran the ball more than they tossed, safeguards actually couldn’t dial back Brown. – – Michael Proia, Stats & Information

No running back in NFL history accomplished more quicker than Brown. He actually possesses the NFL record for surging yards per game (104.3), and in spite of the fact that he resigned after just nine seasons, he never missed a game. – – Kevin Seifert, Vikings reporter

Brown was a first-group All-Pro in quite a while and three-time MVP champ. Such 10 years of complete predominance stays immaculate. – – Jake Trotter, Browns reporter

The sprinters up

  • Barry Sanders (14 votes): Lions journalist Eric Woodyard inclined in the direction of Detroit’s renowned running back, recommending electors ought to “simply type in Barry Sanders features on YouTube, pause for a minute or two and appreciate.” NFL essayist Seth Wickersham contended for Sanders, as well, saying, “There has never been another player who could be 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage, withdrawing, encompassed by five protectors shutting quick, blockers on the ground and delivered pointless, and not exclusively be fit for finding a break out of it and scoring a score yet doing it so frequently that fans came to expect it.”

  • Walter Payton (six votes): Seahawks correspondent Brady Henderson went with Sweetness in what he called “the hardest decision in favor of any position.” So why Payton? “He got my vote over Smith since his getting abilities caused him a more to contend back, and his life span gave him the edge over Sanders and Brown,” he says.

  • Emmitt Smith (three votes): “Sturdiness. No player was as useful or as solid as Smith,” says NFL insider Dianna Russini. “Eleven straight 1,000-yard seasons.”

  • Also getting votes: Marshall Faulk (two), Eric Dickerson (one), LaDainian Tomlinson (one)

Voting results: Rice acquired 45 of 50 votes (90%)

Career: San Francisco (1985-2000); Oakland (2001-2004); Seattle (2004)
Hall of Fame: 2010
Pro Bowl selections: 13
Career stats: 303 games, 1,549 gatherings, 22,895 getting yards, 197 getting TDs, 10 surging TDs

Why he’s the GOAT wide receiver: Rice drove the association in getting yards multiple times and getting scores multiple times. Indeed, even in these pass-blissful times, with every one of the numbers that beneficiaries stack up every year, Rice is as yet the association’s unequaled forerunner in gatherings, getting yards, getting scores and yards from scrimmage. However, he was at his best in the greatest minutes. He played in 29 season finisher games and had 22 TD gatherings in those games, remembering eight for Super Bowls (three titles in four appearances). – – Legwold

Stat to know: Rice is one of two recipients to win the getting triple crown (drove NFL in gets, yards and TDs), Offensive Player of the Year and Super Bowl MVP in his profession (Cooper Kupp is the other).

What our citizens said

He’s the easy decision of all easy decisions. Rice might have quit playing following 11 years (he ended up playing 20), and his getting yardage absolute actually would’ve been adequate for third on the untouched rundown (16,377). To reword Bill Parcells, he went to Canton on roller skates. – – Rich Cimini, Jets reporter

Rice has north of 5,000 getting yards more than the following wide recipient on the unsurpassed rundown, however it’s the point at which you parse through those 22,895 profession yards that you find what makes him the GOAT. He has the most 1,000-yard getting seasons with 14 (counting 11 straight), scored 2,245 getting yards in the end of the season games (the most all time) and bested 1,200 getting yards at age 40. – – Courtney Cronin, Bears reporter

The 13,394 getting yards that Rice recorded from age 30 to 41 would rank as the sixteenth most in NFL history without anyone else. Furthermore, the way things are, his 22,895 vocation getting yards is a record that

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