NEW M1 Max MacBook Pro Reaction: The Ports are Back! (video)



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  1. This guys are mad! So what was the point of making people buy adapters for the so called new macbook from 2016 till now! Am done with apple…

  2. Think it's expensive in the US? Base level is ~3800 euro for the 16" in europe xD 4400 dollars…

  3. Really innovative!! Awesome idea putting ports on the machine. What's next? USB C, fingerprint reader and a headphone jack on an iPhone? Is it possible? Are they brave enough to do it?

  4. Crazy. It’s like they listened to a bunch of professionals that were thinking about buying machines that a professional would actually use every day in many different possible situations. Far out.

  5. I love Ape’s seamless ecosystem and how polished and innovative they can be with some of this tech, and they also seem to be built to last when taken care of. BUT, heaven forbid you crack your iPhone 13, I hate what they’ve done for user repair. I love Apple, but I also hate them. But hey, the bigger Android makers will follow suit before long so what are ya gunna do?

  6. A lot better but I hope they put numpad next time though. But over all the I like the MI Max that would never be mine. 😂

  7. I’m convinced a few people in the comments have a hobby called “what can I whine about on this topic?”

  8. The only reason I could find reasonable for the notch on the new macbooks :

    – The Notch isn't going away soon on the iphones.
    – They want to introduce some new tech in the next models.
    so they just want you to get comfortable with it.

  9. @Apple is just recycling computers, they're not creating anything new lol. Security updates slows up the previous years laptops. They say every computer they bring out is better every year. Will you WAKEUP sheeple?

  10. THE Notch is for Future Expansion dude,,,, its there to make user familiar with future updates thats coming …..

  11. so other than video editing and wow what else has came out in the last year since m1 came out to utilise that GPU on m1 arm processors? the tech is great but still super limited as to what will run on them and make use of them

  12. Honestly, as I’ve started to walk away from apple these last few years, this is the first time I’ve heard something that made me reconsider in a long time!

    I remember going from my i9 2012 mbp that I installed the max amount of ram and a ssd in to the touch bar model. I was disappointed because nothing was user upgradable. Seemed like a way to squeeze more money out of me because you had to fully upgrade from the start and pay them almost double for things like ram that you could get cheaper somewhere else. Then on top of that no ports!? Big slap in the face. Yeah I get that its thin, but us pro users don’t care about that! If we wanted thin we’d be looking at a MacBook air! Glad they finally listened.

  13. every single person bitching about this is simply just bitching about capitalism. apple doesn't do shit unless it makes a profit and that's the exact same as every other huge company

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