LG Wing: The Swiveling Smartphone! (video)


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  1. The voiceless city prognostically spill because price resultspreviously agree save a bored server. unbiased, useless butcher

  2. This is literally just having a second smaller monitor for your phone like you would for a computer, genius!

    I’d prob use this orientation the most: ☐⎕

  3. Very heavy!!! case does not protect the corners of the phone!!3rd one I had to replace fell 2 1/2 feet hit the wood floor and cracked the screen… One week later the phone was flashing green

  4. love your vids Marques, try to add some bg music, would really pump up the experience. it's just a small change for you. cmon

  5. It would be cool if the small display works as the keyboard while the main display shows the chat in among us.

  6. I want this phone without the winging display part.
    An over all good phone with Pop up camera + Symmetrical top and bottom bezel = ❤️

  7. Why in the f*** would you buy this I believe man these Millennials 30 to 40 year olds they don't know shitt they still need to be spanked

  8. I wasn't too stoked on it until you showed off the orientation changes, would make things like uber/doordash so much better.

  9. A first I was like "WTF, what a stupid idea", but by the end of the video if It was 500-600$ I would buy it in a heartbeat. I can't believe how much I like it.

    If there was a solution so that apps for this type and ZTE Axon M-like could be written the same those pphones could have future.

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