iPhone 13 – What was Apple Thinking? (video)


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  1. Did anyone follow the journey for this video on my Instagram stories? 😂
    How do YOU think the iPhone 13 phones fare against the compeition?

  2. I’m only interested in comparing between iphone 11,11pro max and iPhone 13,13 pro max because 11 beats 12 already

  3. Random question, can anyone tell me why I get digital motion sickness, cyber sickness when I use any phone with a 120 refresh rate and I din't get sick at a lower refresh rate? Or how to fix it? If every phone goes to a higher refresh rate and doesn't let me change it back I'll have to give up using smartphones…

  4. They could add the ProRAW and ProRES feature as a different option.
    Like you could slide to the feature to take a ProRAW/ProRES photo/video or just take a normal photo if you don't intend to edit it.
    It saves space, and even if you lose space you will not be able to blame apple for that.
    Food for thought Arun

  5. It still shit phone. Appel user are dumn and stupid because they buy same phone for so long. And apple use you for money

  6. This is probably one of the Best Video's on this Channel…

    From those Funny Apple clips to the Polished Vocabulary, it makes you want to keep on watching!


  7. Apple zero great designs cause they might hurt themselves to change for once. I bet within a year or two they will throw out an update that will make the battery last way less than new. I'm happy with my Samsung that has great battery life after two years. Apple wants to save on waste by creating MORE waste because you have to purchase more crap to own one. Great video though and in-depth as usual with the sorta review? I couldn't think of a better word.


    have companies solved the iPhone bandfingerprint issue with wraps WITHOUT wrapped the Frosted Glass/whole phone????

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