iPhone 13 Pro Max vs 13 Pro / 13 / 13 Mini / 12 / 11 / SE – Battery Life DRAIN TEST (video)



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  1. Did these results surprise you? 😈
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    Clarifying note – the BRIGHTNESS of the screens has been set to an EQUIVALENT level, not maximum on all. Because the newer phones can go much brighter this means that they are set closer to 80% whereas the older phones are more like 100% – I think this is the fairest way to test them!

  2. This is currently an unfair comparison to android flagships, as ios 15 limits framerate to 60hz on third party apps in the current builds.

  3. But were these brand new or you had that iPhone 11 for 2 years in full use before that? In that case, it’s not fair comparison. Although, 2200/2600mah battery life of 12’s is a joke in comparison to 100=200 usd phones from China that come with 5500-6000mah.

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  5. Tbh I have an iPhone 11 and the LCD display really suffers from high brightness whereas the iPhones with OLED displays dont suffer as nearly as much from high brightness, but when the brightness is low the iPhone 11 has insane battery. It lasts me 7 plus hours of screen on time a day and my battery health is 86 percent

    Edit: in a couple of years when all the phones in the video will have OLED displays I’m certain that the difference between the iPhone 12 battery and iPhone 14 or 15 battery won’t be nearly as much in these videos where every iPhone is on max brightness

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