iPad Mini 2021 Review: Pocketable Power! (video)



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  1. I didn't realize how popular the minis were until I started watching private pilot channels. They ALL use them now because they're the cheapest & most versatile tech they can get.

  2. It's not just hobby pilots, every pilot at my airline carries a company supplied iPad mini with all our documents and charts on it.

  3. I bought an iPad Mini 4 with LTE in 2016. I don't generally care for Apple products but I still needed some type of iOS device. I got it and while I don't use it all the time, when I do need it it comes in really handy and super convenient because of its size. I've been waiting for a release with USB-C so I definitely want to replace mine. I'm also good with 64 GB, as my current is 32 GB and it's no issue.

  4. Yeah students note taking, omg did Americans forget to use regular pen/pencil and paper. Consumption driven attitude has gotta stop!!

  5. It's weird that they marketed it heavy to "in the field" construction and skilled workers…and didn't include mmWave 5g

  6. im with you on the pro mini…. would be much more compelling with just a pro camera even if they didnt give us 120hz display

  7. I so want the 5G one….but at 700 …….

    The 1st gen indeed got me through a cross country flight, but can't imagine now it cannot even run Youtube……

  8. I would use this to play MCOC, it would be a dream. Also to read/watch youtube in bed instead of my phone. I don't need it though so if I still want it later maybe it'll be a nice bday present to myself.

  9. I’m sorry but I laughed my butt off when he said he could see someone using it for a smart light control that’s mounted to the wall. And then the taking the notes part I could understand I just wouldn’t pay 500 dollars for a notebook when a pen and paper is just fine for 2 dollars total for both. Sorry for my rant. I love your content. great video!!! PS. Is it me or does his voice have a asmr vibe to it.

  10. How are you not mentioning the most common use of an iPad Mini:
    as a point of sale screen/device?
    You literally see them when you go out to eat / buy drinks if they’re not using that dedicated Square device.

  11. I have never owned an iPad and I can't figure out why I would need one but it seems many can't live without it. Many reviews people state they take it everywhere…why? Where are you going that you need an iPad? I just can't justify $400-800 on a Youtube watching device (yes, I know it does more than that). What am I missing?

  12. am I surprised that Marquee instantly compared the simple ipad mini to a samsung galaxy fold 3? no. am I surprised that the folding-screen-with-super-engineered-hinge came lower in his appreciation versus the ipad? no :)))

  13. There is one more reason why people will buy this one. Just because "it is the cheapest iPad with the newer design" (not my case, but it is a fact)

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