I tested 15 Gadgets from the FUTURE. (video)



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  1. Number six is just a inner glue lined piece of heat shrink. They've had that for a very long time I mean I don't know exactly how long but I would dare guess decades.

  2. 8:04 I’m an electrician, and have been for about 6 years. I have used it for (the six years) accordingly with the Australian Standards AS/NZS:3000 Electrical rules to complete circuits where required. This is not a new thing, as it has been around for about a decade now.

  3. The Mario kart camera is okay with good lighting but if it goes slightly dark it is hard to see so u always need light. Also the range isn’t the best but if u follow the kart with the switch u don’t have to worry about it

  4. I like how Arun says hes gonna show us futuristic stuff but he pulls out a small ass gameboy that can only run tetris in the slowest way possible

  5. Lol I probably have about 2000 futuristic heat shrink tubings of various sizes somewhere in my toolbox. I'm from the future.

  6. i know this channel is becomming more and more click baity to please the almighty algorithm but after all that trash i wouldn't be surprised if you'd just backed random dubious kickstarters and are now trying to get your money back with this. Like srsly there is not a single thing in this Video which hasn't already existed for ages. These things aren't unknown because they're from the future but because they're junk from the past noone bought into. I love your reviews and comparisons but this is just laughable. Almost as anoying as throwing together some china phones and the next caviar scam and trying to pass that off as unboxing a phone from space. I'm not mad because you are making a living from these jokes and I'd do it too if i could but I'm still kinda disappointed

  7. I really like the levitating lamp, i love the idea of using magnetic fields to keep it in the air. But what if the power goes out while it's plugged in? Wouldn't the bulb just fall and break?

  8. I e had the same chargers for 3 or 4 years. Never broken a cable. If you don't rest them on your chest or yank them out of your phone, they stay durable. Literally put your phone down while you charge it

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