I bought the strangest smartphones ever. (video)

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  4. Debunking the vpn ad

    1. Websites do not know you're exact location only your ISP does, what they do know is your public ip which does reveal what country you're in. (It is possible to give the website permission but this will always be asked!)

    2. Yes the website does know what OS you are running, but I don't see why this is such a big deal and getting a vpn won't fix it.

    3. It will still know the hardware of you're device even if you use a vpn.

    4. No just no websites you visit don't just get all of you're stored passwords and even if they did a vpn wouldn't help at all because the passwords are stored in your browers

    I'm really tired of seeing all of these false claims vpn company's and the people they sponser. A vpn does have actual good uses but the claims they make are just blatant lies. They are trying to scare people into buying a vpn subscription for no good reason.

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  6. Imagine having the cat phone out when your parents are doing it in their room and u accidentally point it at the wall…….

  7. When you complain when majority of are people who watch and subscribed and you go to other YouTubers complain and see ONLY 20 per cent of there's are subscribed 🤦🤦🤦 6:23

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