I bought the BIGGEST Tech in the world. (video)



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  1. That side camera on the oversized watch is there to level up the unsolicited 🍆 pic game. But… please don't

  2. Babe i know you watch this channel when you lonely, I'm sorry I didn't mean it please unblock me. I can't be without you.

  3. Arun bro ….
    On your next video please increase the sound of the ending song….. Please
    That sound will not go from my heart and i will always hum that ending song because i love that song very much 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Kind of sad how we got to a hidden sponsor inside a video (Toblerone) + an actual sponsor (Morning Brew) Really should make a new video explaining the sponsors you take

  5. This guy just stuffs in Samsung largest monitor in one of the 17 things while others make whole 40min of it alone.

  6. Arun: i spent 10,000+ to make a 20 mins video
    Me: has to beg for my parents to buy a better gaming mouse which i will use for minimum for 1yr (after 1 month… i still did not get a mouse)
    also me: has a single slow laptop on which i make games,play games, do school,store school work and watch mrwhosetheboss

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