Huawei is BACK….But there's a problem 💀 (video)



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  1. it's because the US ban is not really about security problems, but about political statements. It is significantly more beneficial for US businesses, thus politicians are incentivised to do so.

  2. After working for years as a B2B sales person, I bet that they "sold" this company with a deal that they give them Honor's name (probably at a chraper price in the acquisition) in exchange for part of its profits when they use android. Hence why Honor's phone is more expensive as part of the margin probably goes to Huawei. It's just an idea but it wouldn't surprise me if that was the agreement. In b2b you see a lot of "gentleman's agreements" like those.

  3. No big deal no GMS at all still can using all the important apps in my Huawei P40 Pro +. Everything is functioning in my phone…

  4. Is anyone really surprised that huawei and honor phones are the same? it has been for years and ofc huawei is gonna play a shadow leader of honor lmao

  5. i feel sorry for Huawei….

    gov sponsored market monopolising and IP theft is the bit more tough for them now…
    *sad face*

  6. But what about us who don't care about GMS? Can you rather do a proper review so we know. I love Huawei even without GMS the HMS is so smooth and fast.
    Just a review for us who don't care about the US ban

  7. Huawei isn't banned for their phones. They were banned for other technologies like servers and networking equipment.

  8. What you're saying is true to most companies do to escape some sort of problem from the government or investors.

  9. Id buy a Huawei phone in a heart beat if they come back on the market full fledged. Prefer them over any phone.

  10. I mean I understand like it’s kinda unfair they got banned and let’s be real they got banned cause USA didn’t like that they were literally gonna control the market and the tensions from both countries but it’s literally just the US gaslighting tbhhh

  11. Sometimes i wish I haven’t subscribed already so I can give you a new subscription. 👌🏻

    Great videos my brother.

  12. Interesting video! But there's a point that needs to be adressed here.
    Huawei has been banned because their activities in B2B field, especially communications, could be potentially dangerous, or at least that's what the US government thinks.. Honor is a regular B2C brand, who doesnt adress the same markets as Huawei. That's why it is today complicated to compare both on a ban point of view…. Don't you agree?

  13. Mrwhosetheboss is obviously pro ban base on how the video is done.

    "I am not saying pro ban is bad, its not really my place to say, what i am saying is why cant you differentiate a neutral comment vs a fake neutral? "

  14. I don't know the real reason behind the huawei ban. But my theory is. They banned huawei because Huawei placed 2nd at best phones while samsung was 1st and pushed iphone to 3rd.

    They banned huawei to secure the 2nd place for iphone and also because it was easy target.

  15. congrats! You’ve just explained why Huawei was banned @11:20 up until 12:01 not because of spying or security issues, but because not allowing Huawei to compete in a fair market.

  16. I sense a potential follow-up to this narrative as with Xiaomi vs Redmi if other imbeciles get elected to positions of high office at some point in the future. Interesting times we live in now.
    Great vid! Thank you muchly.

  17. If Huawei wasn't banned the P50 Pro would probably be the best phone about right now as they would of been able to do more with it but it's such a shame Trump was in charge of such powerful country aye.

  18. I still have and use my Huawei Mate 9 all day. I also have an iPhone 10 for work. They scroll the same, speed is similar. The Huawei screen is wider and more beautiful, hence my goto for viewing videos. The iPhone manages all my Alexa smart home devices about 30. I use the Huawei for GPS cause it's easier on my eyes and wider screen. I prefer the Huawei for using Google because it's one tap on the home screen vs iPhone tap the Google icon then tap the search field to pull up keybrd that finally has the microphone icon. The cameras; I believe the iPhone has a better camera but I look much prettier with the Huawei. I have based these statements on my truths. I am an American Vet but my next phone will be a Huawei.

  19. same thing happend with google and motorola… when google sold motorola to lenovo… they gave them years in concepts,models and a sort of how to… and when lenovo finally took over… well what you said… motorola phones are bad for the price… like their dumb… moto edge 20… dude… do you know what edge means… it was called that becuase of the display was curved… now if you ask they will say something like… no its becuase cutting edge tec lol…

  20. Love the conclusion

    Conspiracy Theory Alert
    U.S ban shares similarities to the dram incident from a few years back huwei was innovating and applying unwanted 'pressure' to companies whose places in bed have already been paid for.

    Plus the whole mericans against communism thing

  21. huawei flagship phones are actually premium build. that ban was very stupid & dumb. my first huawei was p9. i was really impressed with it. then mate20 was released exactly after 2yrs from p9. now, I'm still using my mate20 for almost 3yrs now. still doesn't give me a reason to upgrade. all working fine. didn't even do a system restore even once. battery performs almost still the same. emui is fluid. i hope that ban will be removed someday. i still want a huawei phone. trump's bs should be over now.

  22. Built by communists. Don't expect anything different – except the profits from your purchase to support genocide and ethnic cleansing.

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