How To Speed Up Windows 10 PC!

If you want to make your computer run very quickly, and reduce the excess pressure that it consumes from the RAM, processor and other things, this topic will benefit you a lot!

We will give you a set of steps that you will apply to your computer, and you will see a big difference in speed and performance, especially for those who own a computer with medium or weak specifications.

1- Disable Transparency!

Press the right button on Desktop the chose Personalize:

Go To Color then Disable “Transparency effects” like this photo:

2- Uninstall unused programs!

Go to “Control Panel” then “Uninstall a program” like this photo

after that delete any program that you don’t use probably like OneDrive

3- Turn off automatic run programs

Press the right button on The bar:

Go to Startup Menu and Disable anything you didn’t use:

4- Disable Game Options!

then turn off all options there even the game mode (because it make the game very bad frame or freezing)

5- Delete Apps that you don’t use!

you should delete (spotify & skype) if you don’t use it, and delete any other program you never use except Microsoft Programs.

6- Disable Thumbnail for Windows Folders!

turn off “Show Thumbnails instead of icons”

if you have old pc or only 4G ram we recommend to turn off all this setteing except:

  • Show Windows Contents while dragging
  • smooth edges of screen fonts
  • Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop

7- Delete plugins in the start menu!

this plugins use hardware and internet in background you should delete all of them!

thank you for reading, if you have any issue you can leave a comment and we well replay to you very soon!

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