How to Book Early Appointment Date For US Student Visa in Nigeria

Getting US understudy visa interview dates in Nigeria has turned into an issue for some proposing/imminent understudies attempting to concentrate on in the United States of America. It has driven many individuals to concede their confirmation and some have lost their affirmation all the while. Assuming your resumption date is drawing near, the soonest you can get the date, the quicker you can begin the application process.

Getting an early US arrangement date requires the right timing and furthermore guaranteeing you have every one of the prerequisites.

US Early Appointment date

Lagos or Abuja for US understudy Visa Interview dates

People frequently ask which is better for an early US arrangement date, Lagos or Abuja? Despite the fact that Lagos appears to have more traffic than Abuja, in any case, for a fact, you should be available to the two choices. Some of the time, dates might be accessible in Lagos and not in Abuja, while different times, dates might be accessible in Abuja and not Lagos. This is one reason why you ought to be available to both of the two choices.

Need Help Booking Early meeting dates in Lagos or Abuja

After attempting every one of the tips recorded above and you don’t appear to get an early date or on the other hand on the off chance that your date is getting excessively close and you would rather not risk losing your affirmation.

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Why You Need An early USA Student Visa Appointment Date

Since the pandemic, understudies have been having issues getting early arrangement dates for the US consulate. Contingent upon your resumption date, you really want to get an early meeting date a long time before the resumption date. This is to guarantee you have sufficient opportunity to book the earliest conceivable date.

The Don’ts of the US Student Appointment date

1. Try not to book a date when your resumption date has passed. In the event that your resumption date is August 26, don’t book dates after the resumption date, assuming you do, your possibilities of visa disavowal are high.

2. Try not to over invigorate the arrangement page, reviving the page too often could prompt your record being hindered for as long as 72 hours.

3. Try not to enter wrong data.

Reasons for US understudy Appointment Date Scarcity

There are such countless explanations behind US Appointment date shortage, these are a portion of the reasons:

1. Covid 19: Since Covid 19 began in 2020, it has made shortage, this is on the grounds that the vast majority that should go for a meeting in 2020 were rescheduled to 2021. Additionally, this has caused so many backlogs.

2. More individuals applying to the US: With the ongoing circumstance in Nigeria, there appear to be more individuals applying to the United States of America. More individuals are attempting to move to the US and considering relocating to the US through the US concentrate on visa course.

3. School Resumption date is close: The resumption date for most schools is quick drawing nearer. It has prompted the inconvenient time rush making numerous understudies be looking for an arrangement date.

4. An excessive number of individuals attempting to get a restricted Date: There appear to be more individuals applying for a US visa arrangement date than any time in recent memory. We presently have such countless individuals seeking a restricted spot.

Cost of US Visa Receipt

The cost of a US understudy visa is 67,200 Naira. It must be bought from GTB/GTCO bank. It should either be possible by means of the application, web banking or GTBank Branch.

US Early Appointment date visa fee

US Student Visa Expedited Date

If you really want assistance Booking the US consulate sped up date for understudy visa, compassionately contact us.

US Student Visa Available Appointment date in Nigeria

Getting the soonest US early arrangement date can task. What is accessible on the US arrangement date is typically not good. Thusly, getting the earliest arrangement is the best way to get together with resumption.

early appointment for us student

To get the earliest date, it is in every case better to begin your application on chance to stay away from the hurry. Guarantee you begin handling your confirmation months before the resumption date. Additionally, pay special attention to refreshes on the consulate locales. In some cases they give need to an understudy visa. This is normally reported on their website.

What is US Student Visa Appointment Wait time in Nigeria?

Right now, the US Student Visa arrangement stand by time is around 6 to 10 months. To keep away from the significant delay, you ought to begin looking for the arrangement date on time.

Where Can you Book the Earliest date?

Booking an early US visa arrangement date should be possible on the arrangement profile, which can be evaluated at www.ustraveldocs.com

  • Once you make a record, fill in your own data
  • Input the MRV receipt and other requirements
  • Book the earliest date

Tips for Booking US early arrangement date

  • Start your application early
  • Start paying special attention to a date following you start your DS160
  • Ensure you get your I20 and pay for your SEVIS expense on time
  • Check the site consistently for an early date
  • Check at odd hours
  • Be open and attempt Lagos and Abuja all the while
  • Employ the help of a professional

Requirement for Student Visa Interview in Nigeria

When searching for an early understudy arrangement dates in Nigeria, you really want to guarantee you have the accompanying document:

A finished DS160: One of the main reports is a completely finished DS160 structure. A DS160 structure is a web-based structure where you input data about yourself, your explanations behind visiting the United States and other related data about you.

Data page of your International identification: Another significant report is your visa. It is significant for two reasons. It is the record through which you will be distinguished, furthermore, it is the report where your visa will be stepped.

Visa Fee receipt or MRV Receipt from GTB: The MRV (Machine Readable Visa) receipt number is a non-refundable installment you make to the United States international safe haven to buy the US visa. It has an interesting number which you will connect to the arrangement profile that will allow you to book a date. Without the MRV receipt, you can not book an arrangement on the US gateway. You can buy this from GTCO bank previously GTBank.

Approved I-20: The I-20 is more similar to evidence of confirmation. It is irrefutable evidence that you are being enlisted on a school in the United States. The foundation frequently gives it to the imminent understudy.

Receipt of I-901 SEVIS expense: SEVIS is an abbreviation for Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) SEVIS I-901. A compulsory charge is paid by all worldwide understudies concentrating on in the United States of America. This expense can’t be paid in Nigeria, you really want somebody living abroad to assist you with making the payment.

Passport Photograph: Another prerequisite is a duplicate of your identification photograph.

How to get The early Student Visa Interview dates in Nigeria

Need Help Booking Early meeting dates

After attempting every one of the tips recorded above and you don’t appear to get an early date or on the other hand in the event that your date is getting excessively close and you would rather not risk losing your confirmation.

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