How to Apply for US Visa in Nigeria | USA Visa Application

The USA Visa application is one of the most famous in Nigeria. The American visa is perhaps of the most pursued visa on the planet. Most of voyagers visiting the United States should get a visa to visit the United State.

People have various inspirations for voyaging, a portion of these reasons range from work, movement, super durable residency, visits, excursion, study, business or exchange. Whatever your reasons, getting an American visa ought to be on your list of must-dos.

America is quite possibly of the best country on the planet. The country draws a different scope of people with different desires. Be that as it may, there are a few impediments while applying for a US visa. Getting a US visa can be troublesome on the grounds that the vast majority fail to really see how it functions. To apply for a US Visa, a few significant advances should be taken.

What is a Visa?

A visa is an authority record gave by the public authority of a country, which concedes the holder contingent section to their country. The visa is generally stepped on the explorer’s International identification. There are various kinds of visas going from traveler, clinical, work, understudy, business and so on.

USA visa applicant in Nigeria

What is USA Visa?

This is the authority report gave by the United States international safe haven that permits you to visit the United States. The record is a restrictive license that permits you to visit, study, remain or go through the United States of America.

Types of USA Visa in Nigeria

First of all, you really want to comprehend the reason for the visa and why you really want a visa and know the type of visa in Nigeria to apply for.

The US consulate gives a visa to individuals as a license to enter the country. Prior to applying, you should know about the kind of visa you require. There are significant two kinds of visas:

Immigrant Visa: This is the sort of visa that is well defined for anybody who plans to move or for all time live in the US.

Non-Immigrant Visa: This is the kind of visa that is relevant for individuals who mean to visit the United States for a short stay. At the US Embassy in Abuja or at the US Consulate General in Lagos, you can apply for a non Immigrant Visa. This visa is required by individuals who need to go briefly to the United States for a particular reason.

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Categories of USA Non-Immigrant Visa

  • Au pair (trade guest) J
  • Business guest B-1
  • CNMI-just momentary specialist CW-1
  • Crewmember D
  • Diplomat or unfamiliar government official A
  • Domestic representative or caretaker – should be going with an outside public manager – B-1
  • Exchange guest J
  • International social trade guest Q
  • Medical therapy, guest for B-2
  • Media, Journalist I
  • Performing competitor, craftsman, performer P
  • Physician J, H-1B
  • Professor, researcher, educator (trade guest) J
  • Religious laborer R
  • Student: scholastic, professional F, M
  • Tourism, get-away, delight guest B-2
  • Treaty dealer/settlement financial backer E
  • Transiting the United States C
  • Immigrant US Visa
  • Spouse of a U.S. Resident IR1, CR1
  • Spouse of a U.S. Resident anticipating endorsement of an I-130 worker appeal K-3 *
  • Fiancé(e) to wed U.S. Resident & live in U.S. K-1 *
  • Intercountry Adoption of Orphan Children by U.S. Residents IR3, IH3, IR4, IH4
  • Certain Family Members of U.S. Residents IR2, CR2, IR5, F1, F3, F4
  • Certain Family Members of Lawful Permanent Residents F2A, F2B
  • Employer-Sponsored – Employment E1
  • Employment-Based Immigrants, including
  • Religious Workers L
  • SD, SR
  • Other Immigrants
  • Diversity Immigrant Visa DV
  • Returning Resident SB
  • Students, guests on excursions for work or concentrated business, travelers, and individuals with a critical requirement for clinical treatment can get this visa.

Cost of US Visa in Nigeria

visa fee payment in Nigeria

The cost of a USA Visa fluctuates starting with one class then onto the next. To apply for US visa in Nigeria, you want to initially make installment for the US visa expense in Nigeria through GTCO bank. The following are the different expense for the different visa classifications in Nigeria.

The US Visa cost between $160 (68,800) and $265 (113,950)

Business/Tourist B1/B2 $160

Transit C-1

Ship/Airline Crew 160

Student (Academics ) F

Journalists and media I

Exchange Visitor J

Student (Vocation) M

Religious Worker R $190

Fiance or Spouse Visa $265

Steps To Apply For A US Visa in Nigeria

For Non-Immigrant Visa Application:

1. Make Payment for MRV Visa Fee Receipt

The first thing to do is to make installment for the U.S. Visa Fees Online or over the counter at any GTCO previous GTBank.

If you don’t have a Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) account or approach the GTB online entryway/administration, visit the closest part of Guaranty Trust Bank. You should go with your International identification. Present your worldwide identification with the visa expense of $160 to the teller. What might be compared to the $160 will be paid in naira. As of the hour of composing this in July 2022, it is 68,800 Naira. This will empower the bank employee to create the MRV installment receipt.

To Make For USA Visa Fee Through The Online Banking installments,

Visit the GTBank site www.gtbank.com

Input your User ID and Pin on the Login platform.

On the entry, generously explore to the Travels section

Select Visa, under Visa,

Choose USA visa

Select the visa class, the Visa charge sum will consequently generate

Enter your name, Passport Number and telephone number

Select the record you maintain that the installment should be removed from

Before approving installment, check your subtleties once more and make any vital edits.

Click the submit button to finish the exchange by approving it with a code gave by your symbolic equipment gadget or by dialing *737*7#

Automatically, the Visa expense Reference structure will produce.

Save the archive, you will require it at the interview.

If the installment is effective, a programmed receipt is produced. Print the receipt and take it to the embassy.

2. Complete the US Visa Application structure – DS160

The US DS-160 application Visa structure ought to be finished on the U.S. Branch of State Application website.

Take note that this structure is specific to non-worker visa candidates, it will take you around an hour and a half or less to fill and must be surveyed from various programs like Chrome, Edge or Firefox programs. You are to fill this structure online with your data and guarantee that it is mistake free.

The structure has various segments and each part should be filled.

Always audit each snippet of data prior to submitting it.

In case you find toward the finish of filling the structure that you have entered some unacceptable data, you can constantly alter in the event that you have not submitted it. When you submit, you can not alter any data on your DS160, you should make and finish another structure on the web.

Therefore, guarantee all the data gave is sans blunder and valid, else your application may be rejected.

Lastly, ensure you either print the finished DS160 affirmation structure. Guarantee you keep this protected, it will be mentioned when you plan a meeting or meeting with the US consulate in Nigeria.

3. Plan a Visa Appointment/Interview

The last piece of the US visa application process is to plan a visa interview with the international safe haven. Candidates should genuinely appear at the Abuja or Lagos Consulate General of the United States. Candidates will utilize the internet booking device or the call place to make an arrangement for that interview.

To plan arrangements at the US international safe haven, observe that there is a breaking point on how often candidates might reschedule their arrangements. Kindly make your arrangements ahead of time to try not to need to pay another visa application fee.

4. Go to the planned meeting for a visa.

Based on the US consulate that you booked the Interview, either Lagos or Abuja. You should visit your preferred US consulate, Be certain to show up no less than 30 minutes before the booked meeting time.

Prepare ahead so you are not perplexed, and make enquiries however much as could reasonably be expected. Your finger impression will be required, likewise guarantee that you are shrewdly dressed.

For security reasons, you will be really looked at by a metal locator. Try not to worry as this is one of the standard strategies to guarantee that you are protected and prepared to meet with the questioner.

Arrive early and organize every one of your reports and note significant ones to try not to squander time.

5. Finish of the Visa Application Process

You will see if your visa application was conceded or denied after your meeting. In the event that your visa application is acknowledged, the consular will get your worldwide identification and deal you a structure to finish.

You should accept this structure and your worldwide identification, which has a US visa stamp on one of the pages, to the VFS record gathering office.

Your global visa would be gotten back to you after the meeting on the off chance that your visa application was denied. You can present a request or timetable one more meeting on the off chance that your application for a visa was dismissed. You’ll need to begin the application cycle all over by finishing up the DS 160 structure and rescheduling another appointment.

What is the US Visa Processing Time in Nigeria

The US visa handling time shifts occasionally. It relies on how early you can get an arrangement date. Getting an arrangement date at the US consulate has turned into a main issue.

Documents For US Visa Application

When getting ready for US Visa Application, You really want the accompanying subtleties and desk work before you can apply for a non-settler visa:

1. Global Passport: The Nigerian International identification is an authority travel report gave by Nigerian Immigration. A Passport is one of the significant prerequisites for movement to the Un

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