How Tech Companies Manipulate the Media ft. MKBHD (video)


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  1. Do consider sharing this message, so it reaches the people it needs to reach 👊
    Also First video with the new Camera! Who can tell the difference?

  2. Unbox Therapy is a massive Ads channel. Not worth watching. Besides, his phone covers business is just a knock-off of PITAKA.

  3. Jerry rigs everything, literally! He looks like the serial killer of phones and the companies just can't stop him 🤣

  4. Hats off for you guys to give such a message to the people which other companies or reviewers wouldn't want to get leaked.

  5. These are the reasons why i dont want to buy a new tech at their "maiden voyage". Will usually let 6 months pass or until more full reviews are available for the product. Also gives me more time to review the competition to see what's good for the money.

  6. It takes guts to stand up to these giant corporations. But glad two leader have done it. Thanks to arun and Marcus for doing this work. We fans needs to stand with these guys coz in future these companies are going to give lot of troubles to these two. May be YouTube will take own their channel.

  7. Next vedio are coming with disclaimer 😁😁😁 companies are not allowed use their vedio as business. This is meant for revealing your down sides of your tech fail.

  8. There r these guys on one side who r telling us all the truth about these companies and then there is technical guruji , who would sell his soul for some cash

  9. How to avoid these is simple do your videos and reviews on your own terms. We can wait for 2 weeks and you buy the actual phone and then make review vs going into there den of launch and pre launch.

  10. These guys can put Samsung down all they want but for a android user , Samsung meets the price to features to quality ratio a average buyer desires .
    And we all know mkbhd is a iPhone fanboy if not worse

  11. Thank you for this great video.
    I remember the documentary "SOCIAL DILEMMA" at this moment.
    But the thing is, just like the documentary which produced a short term effect, this also will create the same positive effect initially, but eventually people will still fall for the traps.

  12. Woah, amazed to see you speaking and standing up against these big corporation tactics. Proud to be a subscriber of both of your channels.

  13. I think you missed the thug life 😎🚬 in passionfruit. Dude why company are made to make profits. Now they are using your vedio/review/feedback as promotion as ad.

  14. A few days before apple launches its new phones , a lot of putdowns for Samsung. Is this a coincidence ??
    I saw the soft pedaled criticism of iphone to make the video look more "democratic ".
    In a few days we will all be seeing mkbhd and arun slobbering over the new iPhone.

  15. This is a great video. But influencers benefit from this. It is an ex deal. The compamy gains free advertising while influencers gain subs because of giveaways.

  16. Thank you for sharing the truth and that we have real reviews as those tech companies really try to buy what they want to say. all the time.

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