Google Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro CAMERA Test. (video)



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  1. Once you’ve watched the video let me know – Was the Pixel worth the hype in the end?
    I really really wish / hope it improves – but as it stands right now, I've gotta say I do feel a little let down 😅
    For why I'm worried about Humanity:

  2. 3:05 In this photo Pixel's BG is not blurred while Iphone's Is. Were this actual or mistakenly reversed😅😅. Just something i noticed

  3. Thinking about canceling my pre order. Thought this was the year they nailed video but alas its only now marginally better on photos and not close with video.

  4. Pixel can do macro pictures, sort of. You can use zoom. The video quality is not on par with other flagships, like Vivo, Xiaomi or Samsung phones, but Pixel is cheaper. Still doesn't convince me. I would go for a Vivo, Xiaomi or Samsung instead.

  5. When I become a billionaire…..
    I'll buy iphone for portrait and cinematic mode
    s21 ultra for zoom and slo mo.
    Mi11 ultra for macro.
    Pixel for video.

  6. Give Google some time to adjust to the new hardware and their AI models to improve on the new hardware and you'll see the new King thereafter…❤️ #teampixel

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