Driving 1000 Miles in 3 Cars: Gas vs Electric! (video)


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  1. I'm all for EVs, but charging times of 20 minutes or more to, in many cases, less than 100% are non-starters for me. Besides, planning where chargers are along a route is micro-managing my journey rather than enjoying it. Keeping our Prius.

  2. I would buy an EV preferably Tesla as just because of the cost of the trip fuel is very costly in India making roadtrips very expensive i would not mind the delay of an hour or so on long trips.

  3. Just traded my vw golf tdi for an e-golf and even setting aside all the range anxiety and slower "fill-ups" the driving experience of an electric I find is much superior to an ICE (i.e less engine noise, more torque, smooth-as-butter cvt-like transmission, lower COG for cornering, etc etc etc).

  4. The graphical trip summary is on point – so nice to follow and great how you guys made it reset for each one so you could see the comparison 👍

  5. electric cars are cool but electric fill up takes longer and costs a lot. so hows that a pay off… i want a tesla but this turned me off as that costs WAYYYYYY more then I expected ill probably just get a good mpg gas car next to be honest

  6. I can’t help but think how much better your trip would’ve been had you not passed up all those EV go chargers in the mustang…

  7. kind of disappointed that the cost of electricity vs gas was so close. Gas prices keep rising but what stops the cost of electricity rising to even higher than where gas sits as the demand on the system grows exponentially?

  8. Probably gas for my next vehicle. I currently drive a 37yr old Nissan, and I dont see me driving it still in 3 years, though I also don't see myself in a position to buy an EV. I do plan on getting a Tesla eventually though, just not next

  9. How does the battery age? Say you own a EV car for over a year or two years, the battery definitely ages. How does this affect the long road trip? Does the delta Time increase more? Probably it will compared to the gas car. Nevertheless Tesla’s are really impressive.
    Would be interesting to see hybrids as well where the mpg are close to 45 to 50. Thanks for this interesting video.

  10. Why did you overcharge the Tesla so much at the end? That distorts both the trip times and the trip costs, as charging it up that far is pretty slow. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  11. If Tesla fails as a company I can’t wait to see all the stations change over to something universal. If that were to happen that would be huge jump for all EVs.

    Which is probably part of the reason Tesla won’t let there cars go to a universal standard. If the Ford could’ve used the same stations then between the Tesla and the Ford would’ve been a lot closer

  12. Unsubscribing your channel. I subscribed because of smartphones. But you don't upload those anymore. So leaving this channel

  13. A Toyota Camry hybrid would cost less in gas than electricity for EV. You don’t save money on EV unless you charge at home for cheap.

  14. I'd like to have an EV for my commute to work and back since its not very long. I probably wont buy another vehicle at all though.

  15. The price difference between gas and electric is a lot less than I would have thought. One of the biggest benefits i've heard about going electric is the fuel cost you save since electricity is supposedly much cheaper, but is that not the case? Am I missing something here? Is it expensive at super chargers and not when you charge at home? How does that compare?

  16. I would consider electric if it could charge with any light(some watches have those,i forgot what is called)use any light to charge by day and can used the battery power by night

  17. I'm genuinely considering EV for my next purchase. Not just limit the option to gas car. Great video as always Marques.

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