Doubling A Position – 33 More Shares

doubling a position

Doubling a Position – 33 More Shares

Hey everyone

Thought I would I give you an update with our most recent purchase. This market is definitely getting tougher and tougher to find a deal but recently certain groups of stocks came under a little pressure and dropped in price.

The Canadian telco’s for instance dropped a bit on the rogers – shaw takeover news.. I really don’t think this deal will go through as it creates less competition again in Canada. That tends to be a political sticking point as we pay some of the highest wireless plans in the world and I don’t see why they would allow things to revert back to just the big 3. Either way for some reason both bce and telus dropped on the news. (It really makes no sense as less competition would be good for them)

Utilities have dropped on rising interest rate news. As you probably know I’m a massive fan of renewable’s and was really debating adding to our Algonquin power position at this time. Utilities are a huge part of our portfolio though and I always like to focus on lower sectors/holdings when I can. Maybe we will get another purchase in before the end of the month and add to them though. In this quick changing landscape one thing for certain is the need and also demand for more renewable’s.

Another goal of mine for 2021 is to add more low income – high dividend growth positions. While it’s great getting that initial income up, dividend cuts are higher on the larger yields and dividend growth sometimes isn’t the best. Look at both 3m and Canadian utilities this year both with 1% or lower raises..

It’s like me in a hot pink thong. You can see I tried and will probably put a smile on her face, but its nothing to get excited about..

Meanwhile companies like CNR, Microsoft and couche-tard are consistently boosting their dividend quite a bit. The capital appreciation is nice as well! Long term these will most likely surpass those higher yielding stocks for yield on cost. I plan on sprinkling in these kind of positions every once in a while as we continue to grow the portfolio throughout the year.

The Purchase

In the middle of January we started a position in Couche-tard (ATD.B) after the carre-fore news. Couche-tard dipped on the news and basically it was free money for everyone who bought at that point. We are up 11% already on those shares, but I think the stock still has room to grow/recover from here.

We hold this position in our kids resp and their account had 400 sitting idle from dividends and the government match since January. In no way do I want to see 400 sitting idle, not working for us. We added another $1000 to the account and ended up purchasing 33 more shares of Couche-tard. This adds a whopping $11.55 to that forward income.

As I said before lower yield but massive dividend growth. Couche-Tard sports an 11 year dividend growth streak and a payout ratio of only 11.11% In November they raised their dividend by 25% and they rock a solid 10 year dividend growth rate of 27.3%. 5 Year sits at 21.7%. You got to love seeing growth like that and such a low payout ratio.

I’m not going to get into Couche-tard too much as I just talked about them 2 months ago. They are a solid company with tonnes of cash, great management and have been very shareholder friendly.

Obviously the elephant in the room is their gas stations. With the move to electric cars how will they adapt? They have already started to install charging stations in their locations and I think gas will still be around for 10 more years.


Well there it is. Short and simple. Doubled our holdings in one of our smallest positions in our portfolio. Increased our defensive sector allocation and added $11.55 to that income.

In this market it’s easy to get distracted. You see stocks like game stock climbing once again and it’s tempting to jump over there, but we got a plan and got to stick with it. Buy great dividend growth stocks and continue growing that cash flow. Slowly but surely.

Have you been purchasing anything these days? If so what have you been buying?



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