Detroit Tigers legend Miguel Cabrera uncertain if he’ll play beyond this season

Detroit Tigers extraordinary Miguel Cabrera interestingly on Thursday said this might be the last season in his Hall of Fame career.

Cabrera, whose combat medical problems in 2022, had recently expressed he needed to play through the finish of the 2023 season, when he’s owed $32 million in the last completely ensured year of his Contract.

“i must converse with my representative, I must converse with the GM, I’m got to converse with everyone [to] see what will be the arrangement for the following year,” Cabrera told journalists in front of Detroit’s down against the meeting Tampa Bay Rays. “At this moment we don’t have any idea. We’re centered around today. We will go step by step and see what occurs. I don’t contemplate one year from now. I’m contemplating attempting to complete solid this year.”

The 39-year-old said he has been playing through knee torment as of late and will be restricted to only every other day during Detroit’s six-game Homestand.

“you must grasp your body,” Cabrera said. “I comprehend my body and I grasp my position now in this group. I’m OK. I will continue to work. Each time they allow me an opportunity to play I will go out there and give a valiant effort. That is the main concern. That is important. Furthermore, it’s a chance for youthful folks here to get more at-bats and see what we have for next year.”

Cabrera left a mark on the world recently, recording his 3,000th hit to turn into the seventh individual from the 500 HR/3,000 hit club.

After a heavenly May, be that as it may, Cabrera’s numbers have returned to earth. Entering Thursday, he’s cutting .271/.321/.336 with four homers and 36 RBIs this season. Furthermore, he has only an additional three fair hits in his last 21 games.


Source: play-season

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