Chrysler Somehow Sold A New 2017 Chrysler 200 Last Quarter

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The Stellantis first-quarter sales report is out and revealed some automotive zombies are somehow still hanging in there. Savvy salespeople managed to sling not only a Chrysler 200 but a Dodge Dart, too.

No, we aren’t caught in a time loop and your memory is correct: The Chrysler 200 died about four years ago and the Dodge Dart died about five years ago. These cars were fine, but uncompetitive in a world where crossovers rule the roads and sales charts.

A 200 and a Dart were still sitting on a lot, just waiting for someone, anyone, to take them home. These aren’t the only zombies on the Stellantis 2021 first-quarter sales report. Some salespeople also dusted the cobwebs off of a couple of Vipers and a few Fiat 500s.

The Vipers aren’t too surprising, as some dealerships are holding onto the last remaining new serpent-themed sports cars and slowly releasing them into the wild, reports Road & Track. But that Chrysler 200 and the Dodge Dart? A part of me is imagining the poor things sitting out in the back of the lot, dusty and ignored.

It’s not all dead ends in the Stellantis sales report. As Detroit Free Press notes, Ram truck sales beat out Silverado sales:

For the quarter, Ram sold 148,836 pickups, up 16%, compared with the Chevrolet Silverado, at 126,591, down 12.5%. Ford’s F-Series remained in front at 203,797, up 9%.

Cars generally don’t like sitting for extended periods of time. A car that’s been sitting on a lot for five years could have rusty brakes, paint blemishes or a battery that won’t hold a charge. Since these zombies were sold via dealerships, these problems are less likely to pop up, but still, if you score an epic deal on some unsold dead car, be sure to check it out to make sure everything is as they should be.

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