C8 Corvette Driver Busted For Allegedly Going 161 MPH In A 70-MPH Zone

We get it. Reveling your right foot in a Chevrolet Corvette can be a truly challenging desire to stand up to. Be that as it may, a New Hampshire driver didn’t only yield to a flitting taste of speed. Alleged speed that is, as the blamed driver will show up in court on September 22 to address different charges originating from a vivacious drive. Boss among them? Crazy driving for going 161 mph in a 70-mph zone.

That’s the speed 30-year-old Alejandro Zapata-Rebello was at first timed at, as per the New Hampshire State Police. We say initially in light of the fact that this was certainly not a limited time offer extravagance, and a dazzling orange 2021 Corvette will in general draw consideration. The C8 was first spotted at around 11:15 AM neighborhood time on July 31, voyaging north on I-93 close to Ashland in the focal piece of the state. The ‘Vette really passed the squad car, which figured out how to get a perusing of 161 mph. The official couldn’t seek after, however as everybody knows, you can’t beat a radio.

An alert was given, and the orange Chevrolet was spotted minutes after the fact, actually going out of nowhere. Rebello was in good company either, as reports were coming in regards to different vehicles impacting through traffic, almost causing a few mishaps in what gave off an impression of being a race. The Woodstock Police Department was made aware of the circumstance and caught the Corvette traveling 130 mph as it moved toward the town.

Fortunately, the focal part of New Hampshire is to a great extent country. Notwithstanding, Woodstock is a well known vacationer location on the edge of the Presidential Range of the White Mountains. The Corvette became stranded in rush hour gridlock, so, all in all nearby officials moved in. It’s obscure what befell the other speeding vehicles, however Rebello was in the long run captured by the New Hampshire State Trooper who at first timed him at a buck sixty. Furthermore, the rest, as it’s been said, is history.

Almost, at any rate. Unnecessary speeding wasn’t the degree of Rebello’s supposed wrongdoings. Notwithstanding two charges of careless driving, he was additionally accused of defying an official. September 22 could turn into an over the top expensive day for this less than ideal searcher of speed.



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