Build A Membership Website With WooCommerce

Have you been longing to restrict the best deals of your eCommerce store to some of your customers? In other words, you too wish to create a membership site. Considering WooCommerce has a current market share of 29%, and so highly trusted among eCommerce store owners.

WooCommerce share

In addition to the prevailing inventory, the WooCommerce store owners can create a membership for special access to content and product categories. Therefore, here I am to tell you how to create a membership site with your WooCommerce store.

What Are WooCommerce Membership Websites?

In simple terms, if you create a membership site, your visitors pay for special access to your site content. You can establish restrictions on several services or content for the visitors that will only be available to users who take up membership plans.

For instance, after you create a membership site, you can restrict access to some of your downloadable content, music, online courses, forums, support team, and many more. That is to say, when you create a WordPress membership website, you are compiling an online community spotlighting exclusive and gated content to the community members.

netflix membership plans

The members simply have to login before they can access those special featured items or content. You can include every type of content, be it online courses or coaching, a private email subscription, and whatever you want.

Creating a WooCommerce membership website has more or less become a popular trend. WordPress membership websites are an efficient way of imparting knowledge with efficient revenue generation. Even before we learned to stay back home full time, membership websites were in vogue.

The WooCommerce store owners can permit their users to access special deals through membership plans. They can provide different levels of discounts to membership users. This process is the same as the general membership websites that offer courses and content.

Creating a membership site gives you variations in types of memberships. When you create a membership website, it is different from the one you usually carry your business with. So, how many types of membership websites do we usually see?

Types of WordPress Membership Websites

Creating a WordPress membership website or WooCommerce website will invite users to:

  • Teach people something. For instance, cooking, baking, makeup tutorials, crafts and arts, online courses, etc.

online membership courses

  • Create contacts with people. LinkedIn is a fine example where you get additional features for connecting with other professionals.

membership website benefits

  • Deliver special bundles to members. Some WooCommerce Membership websites send free trial goodies every month.

membership website subscriptions

  • Give special perks to membership owners. That could be any special offer that users can avail themselves of in a limited period.

membership benefits

But, why do people create membership sites? All these types of WooCommerce websites have several significant benefits.

Why Create a WooCommerce Membership Website?

Most importantly, let us know, how creating a membership website can benefit you:

  • Create Membership Site and Generate Recurring Revenue

    Create a membership site with WooCommerce, and subsequently, it will allow recurring revenue. But, what is recurring revenue? To clarify, it is that portion of revenue or income that expects to be continuously received in the future. This income can be for the stipulated time as per the user’s requirement.

    recurring payments benefit

    It does not obviously happen automatically. You will also need to focus on creating and retaining members for your WooCommerce membership website. Recurring payments are a great way to increase your WooCommerce store’s income. And, membership websites are a great way of recurring payments. So, now you know how both relate to each other.

    That is to say, generate a balanced income that grows with every new member in your membership plans. If you couple them with advertising and affiliate sales, you can generate enough income from your WooCommerce membership website.

  • Create Membership Site To Establish Authority

    Creating restrictions on certain types of content and products by default brings in the thought among visitors, “the thing behind the membership plan must certainly be valuable”. If you expertise in the type of products you sell, membership websites are a great way to create multi-level membership plans. This way your value keeps increasing too.

  • Create Membership Site and Automate Your Tasks

    If you create a membership site with WooCommerce, you can automate tasks for your benefit. There are highly capable membership plugins that will manage notifications of your membership plans. They can schedule your content dripping and give you a high engagement rate too.

  • Create Membership Website and Boost Your Email Marketing

    Membership websites require users to register and then continue. To that end, they are also added to the list of your email marketing campaign. Now, the visitors that have taken up membership are more likely to interact with your emails than other users.

  • Real-Life Examples Of Membership Websites

    Just so you know the real membership website examples here are a few:

    1. The Gordon Ramsay Masterclass
    2. Scott’s Bass Lessons
    3. SEO Blueprint

    So, if you already have a WooCommerce store, let us now cover up all the aspects for creating your membership website with WooCommerce.

How To Build A Membership Website With WooCommerce

When you want to set up a membership website with your eCommerce store, there are a couple of things you will have to consider:

  1. Create a website domain. For example, ours is
  2. Taking up web hosting for deciding the type of website you want to build
  3. Choose an effective Content Management System platform. Like WordPress.
  4. Selecting website building tools
  5. Create product pages
  6. Go for membership software.
  7. Select your community software
  8. Integrate Payment methods
  9. Email marketing tools
  10. Choose the most suitable theme.
  11. Designing core pages of your membership website i.e. manage page, help page, dashboard page, account manage page, etc.

That is pretty much all you will require to build a membership website for your eCommerce store. That amount of work might probably make you want to drop the idea of creating a membership website.

Therefore, allow me to introduce you to the 2-step setup of the membership website with WooCommerce. That is to say, create a membership website simply following these steps:

Install WooCommerce

Installing WooCommerce and setting it up is an easy process. You can also set up WooCommerce taxes, or shipping on your store. So, to install WooCommerce:

  • Go to your Website Dashboard > Navigate Plugins > Add New
  • Search ‘WooCommerce’ in the search bar > Click Install Now
  • Activate and launch WooCommerce on your website

install WooCommerce

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Install Membership for WooCommerce Plugin

Customize your membership website with the effortless Membership for WooCommerce plugin. To clarify, Membership for WooCommerce is a free plugin that enables you to perform all the important functions of a WooCommerce membership website.

Membership for WooCommerce

The free Membership for WooCommerce plugin lets you:

  • Preview the complete user history and their membership plans
  • Downright import and export the user data
  • Use shortcodes for custom-built membership plan pages
  • Create as many membership plans as you want
  • Give access to products and services to members only
  • Allow special discounts on cart total of the members

You can easily install Membership for WooCommerce just as you did WooCommerce. Search the name Membership for WooCommerce > Install > Activate. And, in just these three magical steps, your WooCommerce store will be one step away from transforming into a fully functional WooCommerce website.

Create WooCommerce Membership Website For Free

Get Membership For WooCommerce

The last step will be customizing your membership plans, and you are all set to roll. So, let’s walk you through its settings :

Add or Create Membership Plan

gold membership plan

When you create a membership site, you will want to customize membership plans for your customers. I know you love all your customers, but there might be a few customers you profit more from than others. Or whatever way you think you want to categorize them.

As a WooCommerce Membership store owner, you can create membership plans for all types of customers. These customers will take up the membership plans they think suits them the best.

Hence, to that end, you should know how to create and add membership plans on your WooCommerce membership website. With Membership for WooCommerce, follow these steps:

  • Go to Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins > Memberships > Add Membership Plans

creating membership plans

Here you can begin to create the membership plans for your WooCommerce store. There are fields provided to fill in the details of your new membership plan:


Give a name to your new membership plan. You must have noticed the platinum or gold memberships on various membership websites. You can add the properties and privileges of your membership plans too.

Create Plan

 All the essential details to complete the membership plan of your WooCommerce store can be filled in here. That is to say,

  • You can mention the cost of each membership plan that will be visible to your customer.
  • The type of access customers get. With Membership for WooCommerce, you get limited and lifetime access. The limited plan of action can let you decide what period you want to grant access to your customer. For instance, you want to give one month access or six months. Just add it there.

create membership plan

Offer Section

You can list all the exclusive products for every membership plan in the offer section. This way, users will know what exact products and categories you will be offering them for any particular membership plan purchase.

There is a new feature that will grant another customization in the name of accessibility type. To simplify, you will be able to permit membership access immediately or after some time. This feature can be used efficiently if your WooCommerce business type requires verifications of some sort.

Membership Feature

This section will highlight the features of your WooCommerce membership plans. For instance, you want to offer a discount to the membership users. This is the place where you set the discount on the cart total.

membership features section

  • You can set the discount to the percentage or a fixed amount discount. All these privileges can be added to different membership plans.
  • Additionally, you can allow free shipping for your WooCommerce store goods. It is not an unknown fact that free shipping plays an important role in the cart abandonment rate.

You may have a look at a sample plan page.

membership plans

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Onboard New Members To Your Membership Plans

Once you set up a membership website with WooCommerce, you will have people wanting to purchase membership plans. The process of adding new members to the membership plans is just as easy as adding membership plans.

This is how:

  • Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins > Memberships > All Members.

add members

  • Just click on the Add Member.
  • Subsequently, you will come across a few fields of settings:
  1. General settings will allow you to fill in the basic information about the new member. Moreover, you can also view other membership plans.
  2. Billing settings are for adding the billing address, email, and phone number of the user.
  3. You can select and assign plans to users from the Membership Details tab.
  4. Member Action tab will let you select the status of the membership. There might be a pending payment of a membership user. So, for that case, you can choose from pending, on-hold, and completed.

adding new member

For every action in the membership action tab, you can send a customized email to your customer. Let us know how to customize this email?

Customizing User Emails In WooCommerce Membership Website

Customizing emails is a very important part of customer retention. You can easily send out similar or different emails to your WooCommerce members.

  • Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins > Memberships > Global Settings

In the global settings, you can carry out different settings. For Email customizing you will find a direct section for customizing email content, attach media files, or adding links to your products. Consequently, you can update changes and see things working your way.

Other Global Settings For Membership

Global settings for membership websites enable you to finalize the general settings when you create a membership website. These settings may be defined as:

  • Enabling or disabling membership plans: You can disable the functioning of the membership plugin on the front end. In a way, it is like going back to being a basic WooCommerce store.
  • Delete data on uninstall: Often when you discard the use of a plugin, there is enough user data in your website database. You can enable delete data on uninstall. This will automatically clear all the membership and user data.
  • Show history to users: You may enable the setting to show the membership history to the customer as well. This way membership users will also be aware of their membership statuses.
  • Attach Invoice to Email: Using this feature, you can send an invoice of the membership plan to your users via email. This will definitely improve your user experience.
  • Apart from all other settings, you can comfortably add your company address, email, logo, and phone number.

Set Up Membership Supported Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are a prime reason why your WooCommerce store functions relentlessly all day. Therefore using a membership plugin that integrates to popular and most used payment gateways is a wise choice.

Wondering About Payment Gateways? Get The List!

Best Payment Gateways 2021

Membership for WooCommerce has the following integrations available: 1. Advance Direct Bank Transfer 2. PayPal Checkout

Steps to manage available payment gateways in the Membership for WooCommerce Plugin:

  • Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins > Memberships > Supported Gateways.

Select the manage option and then all you will have to do is fill in your bank and the sandbox details.

PayPal membership checkout

Extending Your WooCommerce Store With Our Plugins

Membership for WooCommerce is a clean and free membership plugin that helps you to create simple membership websites. You can easily use it with all popular WooCommerce themes.

How To Set Up Membership For WooCommerce

Check Video Tutorial

With the premium Membership for WooCommerce, you will even get to schedule automatic recurring payments along with the dripping content feature and payment gateway integrations.

There are a few other integrations that will work perfectly with your WooCommerce store and improve its functionality:

  1. Points and Rewards For WooCommerce
  2. WooCommerce One Click Upsell Funnel Pro
  3. Ultimate WooCommerce Gift Cards

I hope you definitely check out the Membership for WooCommerce before you create a membership website with WooCommerce. Any doubts just try the comment section below.

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