Best Blogging Tips (In 2020) For Blog Growth & Monthly Recurring Revenue

There are plenty of blogging tips out there but…

… I want you to focus on blogging strategies that actually work.

… I want you to focus on blogging tips that grow your blog and make you monthly recurring revenue.

I wish I knew these tips on blogging when I started in 2010. That would save tons of time and headaches.

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Blogging Tips & Advice For Beginners in 2020

If you don’t have a blog yet, start a blog right now.

Imagine where your blog would be if you started one year ago. The sooner you start the better. You’ll never really feel completely ready.

I recommend you to start your blog on Siteground. It is one of the best hosting services for speed, security, and reliability. You’ll save up to 60% for up to 3 years of hosting. If you need help, read our step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog.

If you already have a blog, pay attention to the blogging tips below. They are really useful for both new and experienced bloggers.


Blog Tips: How Can I Get better at Blogging?


1.- Know who you’re writing for

If you’re blogging to make passive income, you have to write the kind of posts that:

  • get traffic.
  • convert that traffic into customers.
  • make money for you.

For that, you have to find out who you’re writing for.

Stop guessing and get real market data to produce content that appeals to your target audience. Use a topic generator tool like the one included in the SEMrush suite of SEO & SEM tools.

>> Click here to get 14-day of SEMrush free trial to follow this quick tutorial.

1.- In SEMrush, go to Topic Research and enter your idea or short term keyword.

2.- Find out topic ideas to write about.

What I really like with that tool:

  • it gives you real market data of existing contents that attract a lot of backlinks and social shares.
  • You’ll see keyword suggestions and see topic popularity at a glance.
  • More importantly, you’ll find questions your audience needs an answer to.

You don’t just have topic data, you have market data of what actually works.

Define what you have of value to offer to your audience. Successful bloggers make money by serving their audience. Affiliate marketers make money by helping people go from point A to point B and recommend tools and services to get there.

So, find how you can help someone who lands on your blog. Is it a review to help them with a purchase decision? Is it a tutorial to get rid of a problem, to achieve something good?

Trust me, you have something of value to offer. By defining what your targeted audience wants using market data, it’s easier to know how you can help and make money with your blog.

Learn from your competitors. you have to produce unique content and help your audience in a unique way. But you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can learn from your competitors.

You could go to Google and start analyzing search results one by one. But there’s a better way: use a Competitive Research Tool.

For that, I use SEMrush. (Remember? You can have 14-day of SEMrush Pro free using that link).

1.- If you have an existing website, go to Domain Analytics Using SEMrush, enter your website domain and get your organic competitors.

For a new keyword or new website, enter the keyword in Keyword Analytics and get all domains ranking for that keyword and similar keyphrases.

2.- Analyze competitor’s data to serve your audience better.

  • Find out keywords they are paying ads for. (They must be high converting keywords worth investing).
  • Discover related key phrases a single article is ranking for. (All those keywords may have same search intent).
  • See how they serve their audience. (If they are your competitors, you share the same audience).

2.- Set up your Blog For Growth

Use reliable host services that will not let you down as you grow.

I use and recommend Siteground shared hosting to start. You can even use CloudFlare’s full cache to get up to 5X what Siteground plans allow normally.

Other highly reputed hosting are:

  • Cloudways for managed cloud hosting (starting at $10/month).
  • Kinsta for premium WordPress hosting (starting at $30/month): used by bloggers and companies like FreshBooks and Buffer. It is built for speed with anti-hack technology included.

They are all three reliable web hosting services that can handle traffic as you grow. (scalable hosting).

Start an email list on day one. It is the only traffic that you own. You capture emails from organic traffic that would unlikely revisit your site and make them revisit your blog for more. Click here to get 1 Month of Convertkit free to build your mailing list.

You can email your subscribers and get visits to your new published posts.

It is also easier to get sales from your email lists as they trust you and your recommendations.

Get real site data to improve performance. If you need to grow your blog traffic & sales, you need to know what works. Set up tracking to your site while respecting visitors’ privacy.

1.- Set up Google Analytics to know where your traffic is coming from, which pages convert, etc…

2.- Track mouse movements and visitors’ behavior on your site with MouseFlow. Create your account for free today. You’ll find exactly how your visitors are using your site and what you can do to improve.

3.- Track links that you share to know best-performing ones. You can use a WordPress plugin like ThirstyAffiliates or web services like ClickMagic to track your affiliate links.

Make sure you have real data before making a change. You ensure you’re applying changes for growth not to inadvertently break something that was working.

3.- Get Your Readers to trust you

Take the connection on a higher level using an email list and stories.

Your readers will buy based on your recommendations if they trust you. So, take every opportunity that you get to connect with them. Let them know that you understand them and that you’re the right person to help them.

You can do that by building an email list and tell them your story. Let them know that you can relate, specially if you’ve been in their shoes. It helps you when you add your story in your about page.

Another thing: Some people have trust in someone they can see. Make videos or add your photo on your website. Let them know you’re human.

Show your readers how you can help them. Instead of telling your readers what they should do, show them how to do it.

Give them step by step tutorial using detailed blog posts or videos. They are more likely to see how a specific tool can help them and adopt it.

4.- Blogging Tips For Writers

Get Things Organized. In my experiences, the life of a blogger can be a mess sometimes.

You may have hundred of blog ideas one day and you don’t remember any of them the next day. It is easy to forget something you were working on and end up with a dozens of unfinished and unpublished projects. Or you may spend a day long chatting on Facebook and doing nothing on your blog.

The fix? Get organized.

I use Trello and Microsoft Todo to stay organized. I have a board called Content WorkFlow with columns such as Ideas, Keyword Research, Content Writing, Content Promo, To be Updated, etc…

If I have a new idea, I add it to Ideas. I can continue on what I was working on.

In Microsoft Todo, I set up recurring tasks I want to make each day. If one day is for Keyword research, I go to Keyword Research column in Trello and work on some ideas. When I’m done, I move it to Content Writing for the next day.

Have an Action Plan: It’s easy to plan and never take action. You’re reading blogging tips all over on the internet. You’re dreaming while you read blog income report.

The deal is: You grow your blog traffic and blog income when you take action.

Make sure you have an action plan. I use Microsoft Todo to list my blogging tasks daily, weekly, monthly. But before that, I took the time to plan. I thought about each task I need to complete to achieve my goal.

An example:

The dream: Let’s say that I want to make $300 in recurring income from a specific affiliate program, like the Convertkit affiliate program.

The plan: That affiliate product pays $8 per month. I need 38 customers. If I write an article that converts at 1%, I need 3800 visits to that page.

Action plan: Research keywords that converts. Spy on competitors. Write that article optimized to rank. Promote it where my audience is.

Focus on pain points or problems you can solve for your readers to fight writer’s block. You already know the steps. It’s easier than to write a step by step guide to fix the problem. You’ll think about an introduction later.

Start your blog post with an outline: Another technique is to start with an outline. When you have a plan for your post, you’ll find it easier to find words to say what you want to say. Some marketers make a list of questions their audience have an answer them in a logical manner.

Create long form contents focused on concepts or search intent: Write each piece of content to rank for several keywords behind the same search intent. Focus on concepts when you’re doing keyword research.

As an example, two people searching for “blogging for money” and “make money blogging” are looking for the same thing. You’ll need a tool like SEMrush ( get 14-day Pro trial) to find keyword variations a site is ranking for.

Update older contents: even if you have evergreen contents, schedule to update them each 6 or 9 months. Keep it with up to date info, add new screenshots, etc… It is easier than writing a new blog post and it will keep traffic to the post coming.

I use Trello automation for that.

Automation rule: Once a post gets published, wait 6 months and move it to “need to be updated” tab.

Make your post easy to read: some visitors, most of them in fact, just scan your website. They are in a hurry. They need to know if they should spend time on your site; if you address their concerns.

Make it easy for them to find out. Add short paragraphs, add headers (h2, h3, h4), add images to make your post pleasant to the eyes, bold important concepts.

5.- Invest in Yourself and Essential Tools

Invest in learning high paying skills. You’ll thank me later.

Invest only in essential tools. Blogging costs can quickly add up. Make sure you invest only in essential tools you have time to take advantage of. Tools are just tools. You have to use them to make them work.

I recommend a few essential tools throughout that post:

If you need to get an idea on tools I use and recommend, check out my toolbox page.

6.- Have A Promotion Plan for your blog

Actively promote newly published posts. Don’t just publish new posts and hope for traffic. Start promoting it actively to get traction.

Repurpose existing blogs to reach a wider audience. Someone may prefer to read text; someone else may prefer watching videos or listening to podcasts. Publish your content in another form to reach a different audience.

Use these blogging tips to grow your blog and increase income.

· Updated on: March 2, 2021

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