Apple Watch Series 7 Review: Spot the Differences! (video)



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  1. it will be perfect "GPS electronic monitoring ankle bracelet" if it wasn't for the colorful snappy interface that hypnotises you & if you wear it around ur ankle.

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  3. I know this will die in the comments and you'll never see yit, but here it his: Marques, I love your content, but in the last 10 videos, 8 were apple-centric. Isn't there any other interesting tech to feature/review? I know you have to cater to your biggest audience, which is probably located in the US, where the iPhone is king and ruler, but there are still a lot of us outside the US who love your videos and would like to see more diverse manufacturers. Still, as always, great video.

  4. A report by Strategy Analytics reveals that during 2019, Apple Watch sold more units than the entire Swiss watch industry: Apple shifted 30.7 million units, up 36% from the 22.5 million it sold in 2018, while the Swiss watch industry as a whole managed just 21.1 million watches, a decline of 13%.

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