Apple vs Right to Repair: Part 2! (video)



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  1. Locking down phones and laptops was just paranoia by out of touch executives at these companies. People love status so even when or if a battery or screen is easy to replace to make a phone as good or better than new 90% of people are just going to throw version 12 in the trash so they can have version 13. I think their profits are safe and getting ahead of legislation they know is coming is free PR as Marques says.

  2. Doesn't matter. They will just jack up the prices another 20% to cover the cost of people repairing their own stuff. What a evil money and money hungry company.

  3. I have to see the prices for the official parts. Otherwise this means nothing. If they charge $300 for an iPhone OLED that's not really that helpful is it?

  4. Good PR and will definitely boost revenue. Think of all the people that will gladly pay a few extra bucks for "Genuine Apple" parts. It will potentially cut into the margins/markup that indie repair shop will have because the Apple parts prices will be publicly available, but conversely, they may be able to make up for it with volume.

  5. Heh, cute. It seems Apple is getting a little (or a lot) worried with the wave of legislation coming both from the US and the EU, that will hit them hard. So maybe their strategy is to concede just a little, just enough so they could use it as an argument when lobbying about the theme in the congress etc. As "See? look at what we've done!! You guys don't need to pass this bill anymore!! :)))))", and of course the legislation would be much more broad in relation to the subject. As you mentioned in the video: screen, camera, battery and that's it. Also, users themselves to open the phone and change parts? That is ridiculous. A good first step at the most. We need all the manuals, and more importantly, the possibility for any repair shop to repair an iPhone or other Apple product.

  6. Before watching the video, I’d like to say thank you for supporting the right to repair, the Nature is thankful! :)

  7. I think people would probably need this for older devices rather than newer one. We're still too much in the marketing domain, but yeah it's a beginning. The Framework laptop has set the bar very high for a device to be considered repairable.

  8. The amount of crap they will need to unlock in order for this to happen and be successful… is a big player here. If they're going to continue locking cameras and screens to the mobo, they aren't doing anyone a favor. I've seen some news or a video of one thing being unlocked or leaked to be unlocked… But, I feel like there will still be an issue of this. Are they going to require these parts to be pre-scanned into their system for an update pushed to whatever device is being repaired to accept the replacement part, is it going to be a free for all as long as you have a genuine part?

    What interests me, is if Europe requiring USB C will trickle over to the US, and if so will that be something relatively new previous generation hardware would be able to swap in…

  9. Great… now I can go to the mall and have Habib charge me for genuine Apple parts while he puts in a Chinese knockoff.

  10. Please do a battery or screen replacement when this service becomes available to show us how it works. Like if you agree

  11. I've heard that Apple employees have had major gripes with the anti repair stuff so maybe they did it so that their engineers wouldn't leave?

  12. This is cool but I probably won’t trust 3rd party companies to fix my apple products, I rather just go to apple.

  13. Apple “ a little bit listening to what the people are saying “. They’re only a trillion company so I think they’re doing just fine by the people. They’ll always be those that just complain no matter what.

  14. thx fucking god. This is huge love this now i am thinking of upgrading cause i can finally change shit when i brake the screen in two weeks. As Donald would say HHHHUUUUUGGGGGEEEE.

  15. There is no longer profit made in fixing screens that's why Apple is opening up the idea. Also the price of an OEM part is really up there.

  16. Damn… I have an Ipad Pro 2019 that needs its screen replaced, and wonder if I'll be able to get parts for that or will R2R only apply to new apple products from here on out?

  17. It's 100% CYA by Apple. With the lengths they've gone in the past, if they could have kept it at the status quo, they would have.

  18. So you're telling me Apple is going to get to set whatever prices they believe to be reasonable for those "Apple" parts huh? Erm… yeah that'll work 🤣…
    So, $600 for a replacement screen, $300 for a battery… You know this won't actually help anyone right? Seems pretty obvious that it's just a strat to try to prevent legislation (which would require them to supply so much more).

  19. Another catch Marques didn't mention is that currently, when you replace parts such as the camera or battery in these iPhones, even when using genuine parts (like swapping two cameras between two genuine iPhones) there's a ton of software locks put in place by Apple. For example, if you swap the camera, FaceID will not work, the camera app will have all these bugs and glitches and so on. In its current state, Apple devices (atleast iPhones) are required to have the exact same parts it's shipped with in order to have 100% functionality. I'd like to see what Apple will do in this department. If these software blocks are still going to be there, then all this crap is just a PR stunt. And let's be real, they would just put ridiculous prices on the parts and tools anyway.

  20. Wait for the details and prices first. They're apple. They're here to see a business opportunity and milk it. MKBHD is so wrong when it comes to their motives.
    Have a look at Hugh Jeffrey's videos and how he proves that harvesting parts from one iphone to use in an identical one is now impossible.
    My bet – part prices higher than in an apple store or authorised repairshop or if anyhting doesn't work – blame it on the incompetent consumer. Best avoid post 2019 apple product if you want to carry out your own repairs.

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