AirPods Max Unboxing & Impressions: $550?! (video)

AirPods Max: Apple simply dropped a shock set of $549 extremely premium noise cancelling headphones. That is every thing it’s good to know!

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Headphones supplied by Apple for assessment.



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  1. And, I felt guilty bc I bought AirPods. I never had nice headphones like that before. $550 is like paying a Bill. 🤣

  2. The hateful carol partly land because brake arguably chew behind a noiseless thought. uncovered, heavenly heavy hellish virgo

  3. for that kind of money i want to be able to hear the mumble of old songs when the recorder says "3 2 1 GO"

  4. It's incredible how Apple manages to sell these ridiculous overpriced stuff even with the awkward design.

  5. Awesome pods. I got my pods at iplaypods .co and they are awesome. They have great and real ANC. Design is same as apple. My recommendation for them.

  6. 550$?! Yeah no
    My 50$ headphones that have been broken several times and tape is the only thing holding them together are just fine for me 🤠

  7. $550? I better be able to hear my dad coming up the stairs at night when I’m supposed to be asleep.

  8. $550 and it doesn't even have touch controls?? Let alone a ridiculous looking case that has ZERO quality to it and will do virtually nothing to protect the headphones. Oh and that slider thing to adjust just the ear cups? Yeah the Bose 700's came out with that first so Apple isn't special for doing so. Apple isn't well known for audio products, Bose has been around for ages and that's what the brand is actually based on. My Bose 700's come with a REAL leather case that doesn't look like a full ass bra. My Bose 700's are rated the BEST and most advanced touch controls to date, while these crappods Max my ass don't even have touch. Overpriced garbage. I'll stick with my 700's but great video. Can you do a review on Hefty trash bags next? I need something durable enough to hold all my crapple trash products since Bose and Samsung are the new and better way, thank you. By the way my Snapchat is officialbaker20

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