6 Things to do In Hollywood Florida

Welcome to Hollywood (Florida not California )😊

Hollywood Florida things to know

A lot of times when we hear Hollywood, I believe most of our
minds goes to Hollywood California, however, today I will enlighten you about Hollywood,

Hollywood is a city located in Southern Florida between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. Like most cities in Florida it has a very diverse culture. It is the home of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and that includes the very first Guitar Hotel. Hollywood beach which is just a few miles away from the Hollywood/FT. Lauderdale airport has a one of a kind beachfront boardwalk, that stretches miles along the beach. The beach itself is one of the most popular beaches here in South Florida, lined off with many brand name hotels as well as other smaller resorts, this is a must visit location to put on your bucketlist.

Things to Do in Hollywood;

Visit the Anne Kolb Nature Center

The name says it all, this Nature Center located in Hollywood, Florida will help you to become one with nature. There is no entry fee.

The main building holds exhibits of art work , marine life,
and other creatures, as well as a gift shop. There is also a mini theatre
inside that shows a 10 min video.

On the outdoors you can walk the trails leading to different places like mudflat, not much to see there, or the trail that leads to river watching and taking pictures of the mangroves. There is an area there for fishing and you could also boat watch as the water taxis, yachts, and speedboats passes by. If you are into cycling there is somewhere for that as well.

The center also offers a 30 min boat tour for a small fee.

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