3 Features the iPhone 13 Didn't Add! (video)


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  1. I don't understand why Apple didn't put touch id back into the phones, either in-display or lile the ipad in the power button..? 🤔

  2. With respect even for a power user like myself I feel that 20w is good enough. Batteries tend to last most of the day now. Compact battery packs are readily available too. I can’t remember the last time I was in a position where my battery was near dead and I needed to be somewhere? It’s what you get used to I suppose and a bit of forward thinking would cancel the needed for super fast charging? Keep up the good work. Peace ✌️

  3. I believed Marques' emphasis on fast charging and bought Xiaomi 100W charging phone and used for a while. At first I was amazed by the charging speed, but now I just don't get it: there is just no scenarios that I am benefited by fast charging.

    I am currently using an iPhone 12 mini and a Xiaomi 11, so I can compare them fairly easily. It is true that Xiaomi can charge way faster but most of the time there is no difference. Every night I charge the two phone and they are both full the next morning, no difference. Everyday I go to the office, and I charge them to make sure they can survive the day, no difference. And everytime I charge the phone, I leave them on the desk or keep them plugged in for over 2 hours, which makes it no difference to the speed of charging.

    So right now, I believed that iPhone product manager is doing the right choice, giving up charging speed to have longer battery health.

    Xiaomi is just a weird company that spend their R&D to make something market-wise strategic but not something wonderful.

    For example, you know that Xiaomi have many features that iPhone don't have, like 120hz, slim light design, infinite pixel camera, infinite charging speed, but those are just on-paper specs that cannot entail a comprehensive smart phone experience. All these specs do is to grab people's attention, even for "pros" like Marques.

    On the other hand, the experience on iPhone is just incredible: nothing amazing in terms of grabbing attention, but just works.

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  5. Yea i really cannot stand how people try to explain why apple does Not innovate. Now explain to me if new Technologies now have faults why die Apple invent the iPhone at First 🤷🏼‍♂️

  6. Its not that Apple are reluctant to put that advanced hardware in their phones, the fact is that they don’t have that kind of technology, they are years behind the competition, pity them…

  7. Few other things I was looking for were a fingerprint scanner (imo more convenient than face unlock) and a Type-C port instead of Lightning (ik it's probably not gonna happen but still).

  8. Again in that fast charging thing, an iPhone has never shipped with a 20 watt charger, only the pros included an 18 watt for one year. So that means Apple considers those 15 year old 5 watt chargers as standard charging for iPhone users, I doubt they’ll make them charge quicker anytime soon because of that.

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