23 Best Places to Sell Textbooks For The Most Cash in 2022

Do you have old books lying around? Or then again old course books you realize you won’t ever utilize? All things considered, it could be an ideal opportunity to wipe out your shelf and bring in cash while you are grinding away.

Selling school reading material and books is simpler than you naturally suspect. Here are a choices that we viewed as simple and compensate fairly for old books.

Top Sites to Sell Textbooks

Instead of strolling down to your school book shop, you should actually take a look at these different spots to offer books as well as course readings to get more cash that you can use towards your individual budget objectives (for instance, taking care of your understudy loan).

1. BookScouter

BookScouter homepage

BookScouter may be one of the most incredible spots to sell course readings online for the most cash since it looks at the costs of 38 merchants at once.

All you need to do is enter the ISBN number, you pick the most noteworthy buyback cost, and afterward you ship it for free. When they accept your book(s), you get paid.

As every buyback merchant has different free delivery approaches, you might choose to offer a few books to a similar trader. This system can be helpful on the off chance that you have a few low-cost friend books.

Additionally, the stage allows you to make cost cautions assuming that you’re hanging tight for a higher buyback value before you’re prepared to sell it. You can see the value history to decide whether you’re probably going to bring more assuming that you sell your course books what’s in store.

Learn more by perusing our BookScouter Review.

2. Decluttr

Decluttr homepage

Another method for selling books is through Decluttr. This site allows you to sell your course readings, books, computer games, CDs, DVDs, and your old cell phones. Their application makes it simple to check the book’s standardized tag or enter the ISBN.

They will offer you a selling cost for every one of your things and you can transport them for free.

You will get compensated the day after your items show up at one of Decluttr’s warehouses.

This is a decent way to not just bring in some additional cash from those course books you won’t ever utilize again.

But, you can likewise clean up your apartment and even keep on involving Decluttr in your functioning a very long time by selling your old cell phones, tablets, and computer game consoles.

Add coupon code CASH10 to your truck to get a 10% reward for your old Phones, Consoles, iPads, MacBooks, DVDs, Books and more today

Learn more by perusing our Decluttr Review.

3. BooksRun

BooksRun homepage

BooksRun gives you the choice to sell your reading material straightforwardly to them, or they might give you other accessible offers. At the point when you type in the book’s ISBN number, the book will either be added straightforwardly to your sell truck, or you’ll see your different offers.

After you’ve picked your purchaser and looked at, you have five days to deliver your book(s) with the prepaid transporting label you get by means of email. After BooksRun accepts your books, it requires 2-5 days for them to evaluate the order.

You’ll get the installment inside four work days after the books are surveyed. You can pick PayPal store or sent check for your payment.

4. eCampus

eCampus homepage

eCampus can be one of the most outstanding spots to sell utilized reading material due to their prizes program that can get a good deal on future purchases.

They permit you to list numerous ISBNs and pay with a check, direct store, or store credit. You will get a selling cost on the off chance that you select the credit choice in addition to 1 eWard point for every reading material sold.

There are alternate ways of building rewards focuses, in any case, 175 focuses procures a $5 eCampus gift card.

5. TextbookRush

TextbookRush homepage

In expansion to course books, you can likewise sell gadgets, games, and motion pictures at TextbookRush. They have more than 1 million reading material recorded available to be purchased in various subjects, thus, odds are good that you can offer back your course books to TextbookRush.

You can likewise sell your reading material with their portable application which can make it simpler to enter the ISBN numbers. Shipping is free on and you can get compensated with cash, PayPal or credit to TextbookRush.

Choosing the credit choice can be your most worthwhile choice as you get a 5% installment reward. Recovering the credits can be simple in the event that you’re as yet an understudy and need books or need to buy diversion items like games and movies.

6. BookFinder.com

bookfinder.com homepage

BookFinder.com has been in the course reading buyback business starting around 1997 and has gotten numerous positive honors from significant distributions, for example, Forbes, The New York Times, and Lifehacker.

They are basically the same as BookScouter by contrasting the costs of a few merchants however with a more obsolete looking website.

You can get free transportation, and they even repurchase course books from Canada and the UK! To get everything rolling, simply enter your ISBN numbers.

7. Uloop


Uloop can assist you with selling course readings online by looking at costs from Amazon and Chegg. Subsequent to tolerating a deal, you append the prepaid delivery mark and mail it off by means of UPS to get payment through PayPal.

Additionally, the stage can facilitate nearby deals at select universities. A large portion of the schools are in California. Nonetheless, Ohio State and Rutgers likewise make the list.

Beyond assisting you with selling your reading material, this assistance can likewise assist you with finding mentors and course notes to get a superior grade on next semester’s course.

8. CampusBooks

CampusBooks homepage

CampusBooks is one more webpage that has been around probably the same length as the web and is a trailblazer in the course reading examination niche.

You can sell almost any book here. Be that as it may, they will not acknowledge books missing supplemental material.

CampusBooks looks at the costs from “many buyback locales” to find you the best arrangement when you go to sell your textbooks.

One tip they prescribe is to offer August or January to get a greater cost because of more grounded demand.

Shipping is free and you can get compensated with a check, PayPal, or store credit. They likewise have a portable application to make selling course books easy.

9. ValoreBooks

ValoreBooks homepage

ValoreBooks is one more reading material examination site that professes to look at the costs from many purchasers. You can sell reading material, books, and other popular course materials in new or great condition.

Sold books are shipped for free and you can be paid with PayPal or check.

If you are offering back various books to ValoreBooks, they just acknowledge boxes that way 70 pounds or less. You should reach them for extra names assuming you surpass that weight.

Learn more by perusing our ValoreBooks Review.

10. Sell Back Your Book

sell back your book homepage

Sell Back Your Book purchases your reading material straightforwardly from you. They are licensed with the Better Business Bureau and have paid great many dollars in reading material buybacks. Furthermore, they have a portable application that permits you to list your books quickly.

While they acknowledge most books, their rules state they won’t acknowledge educator or teacher versions, reference book sets, or books without an ISBN.

Shipping is free with USPS Media Mail or FedEx Ground. You can be paid with a money order or through PayPal.

11. Barnes & Noble

Barnes and Noble homepage

You probably won’t consider Barnes & Noble as being in the course book business, at the same time, they will purchase your utilized textbooks.

There is a $10 minimum to sell your reading material with Barnes & Noble.

Orders are delivered by means of Postal Service. In the wake of getting the book, they will pay you with check or PayPal.

They just permit you to enter each ISBN number in turn. In the event that you have numerous books to sell back, it can require a couple of additional minutes to show them separately utilizing Barnes and Noble.

12. BookByte

BookByte homepage

If you need to sell utilized reading material, BookByte is an extraordinary choice. They acknowledge course readings looking great (negligible wear & tear) and satisfactory condition (cover harms & torn pages on the off chance that the book is still legible).

You could attempt this choice for your more worn books as other reading material organizations just purchase books in great shape. The buyback cost is guaranteed for 30 days assuming that you need to examination shop with other course book buyback sites.

BookByte is situated in Salem, Oregon and pays with money, check, or PayPal.

13. Amazon

Amazon homepage

Amazon is a main dealer of new & utilized reading material. They additionally sell & lease reading material and will pay you up to 80% of the buy price.

If you could do without Amazon’s exchange value, you can constantly sell your books as an outsider posting. You can get compensated with Amazon gift vouchers notwithstanding cash.

It’s feasible to get a higher selling cost by selling the book yourself than that presented on by a reading material buyback site.

Just remember that Amazon will keep a little commission of roughly 15% and you are liable for paying transportation costs. You truly do get a little delivery credit, in any case, it actually probably won’t be sufficient to counterbalance the expense of postage & bundling materials.

14. CollegeBooksDirect.com

CollegeBooksDirect.com homepage

CollegeBooksDirect.com acknowledges books looking great, and that implies you can sell utilized reading material on the site. Obviously, you can get more in the event that the book is still in new condition.

You list your book beginning with the ISBN, title, or writer’s last name and can get compensated with a money order or PayPal. They right now acknowledge over 440,000 titles and are one of the more modest course book vendors.

This merchant offers a prepaid USPS delivering name, making it simpler to find a dropoff area.

15. TextbookX

TextbookX homepage

TextbookX is like Amazon. You list the book as a TextbookX vender and get compensated when someone gets it. The deals commission is 15% of the selling cost in addition to $1.50. You truly do get a little transportation credit to balance delivering costs for USPS Media Mail.

If you wish to get prompt installment, you can see what the “Moment Offers” buyback cost is. Your returns are probably going to be not exactly sitting tight for a purchaser however you’re essentially ensured to make a deal and you bring in cash now.

Payment choices incorporate PayPal or store credit. You will get a 5% bonus in the event that you pick store credit.

16. Understudy 2 Student

Student 2 Student homepage

Student 2 Student permits you to sell your course books on the web or locally. At the point when you enter a book’s ISBN, they will look at the buyback costs from a few web-based merchants and you can sell it on your nearby grounds as well.

When you sell locally, the help is totally free and the purchaser pays you in real money at the hour of procurement. This is essentially the undergrad reading material

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