22 NIGHTMARE Tech FAILS they want us to forget. (video)


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  1. Arun, the love that you put into this channel is amazing, thanks for caring so much about your fans

  2. He really did it, a 36 minute and 11 second video! I am so happy I get to sit back for over half an hour and watch the wonderful Arun! :D

  3. This was a great video Arun!
    I'd say windows 8 was worse then Vista but on the other hand I do like the more "historical" fails.

  4. i mean yeah good content ,good sound and video quality etc… etc…
    but man the humor
    i love it

  5. AMD made an awesome comeback after the court case was decided in their favour, allowing them to use their architecture that Intel had managed to block them by law to use.

  6. Kinect was excellent for 3D scanning and the fact you can get one on eBay for like £25 is wonderful.

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