11 Ways To Get Paid to Design T-Shirts in 2022

Do you have a skill for brainstorming extraordinary T-shirt thoughts? Have you at any point viewed as planning T-shirts to sell? Perhaps you can brainstorm clever T-shirt mottos that make individuals snicker or send a positive message.

Or, perhaps you’re a craftsman who can draw T-shirt plans that would be a hit with specific business sectors. For example, perhaps you can plan T-shirts that rotate around sports.

Whatever your T-shirt thought, you can rejuvenate it and use it to acquire detached income assuming you pick the right selling stage. Automated revenue is cash you acquire by taking care of business once and afterward getting compensated again and again.

Here are a few different ways you can utilize your T-shirt plans to make some automated revenue or side gig cash.

How to Design T-Shirts and Make Money

Yes, you truly can bring in cash planning and selling T-shirts. As a matter of fact, my 19-year-old little girl has been making a touch of cash from T-shirt plans for north of two years at this point.

Here are a few organizations you can use to assist you with selling your T-shirt designs.

1. CafePress

CafePress homepage

CafePress is an internet based gift shop that sells T-shirts planned by ordinary individuals like you and me.

As a creator, you transfer your T-shirt plans to CafePress. CafePress then sells your plans on different things, including T-shirts.

When you sell your T-shirts and different things on CafePress, they do the work. For instance, they handle creation, delivery and client care for your items.

You have several choices to look over while selling T-shirts on CafePress.

The first includes opening a fundamental Design and List account. You register, transfer your plans, and CafePress wraps up. Each time one of your plans sells, you procure a commission.

Another choice is to open your own internet based shop on CafePress. As a CafePress retailer, you control your costs, the format of your store pages, and that’s just the beginning.

If you open a CafePress shop, you pay no cash front and center. All things being equal, you pay a month to month expense in light of the sort of shop you open. In the event that you need extra data on CafePress shops, visit the CafePress site.

2. Redbubble

Redbubble homepage

Redbubble works in basically the same manner to CafePress. At the point when you join to work with Redbubble, you just open your record. From that point, you transfer your plans.

Redbubble accomplishes crafted by publicizing your plans on their site. Also, they handle estimating, transportation and client support. You basically gather a sovereignty check when your things sell.

As a merchant on Redbubble, you pick how much commission you need to procure on items. Redbubble lets you know the base value, which is what it costs for Redbubble to make and transport the item.

Then you pick the rate edge you need to acquire. Redbubble sets this edge at 20% as the default.

You can change the default in the event that you wish. Keep in mind, however, to keep the benefit low sufficient that the price tag for things will be appealing to clients.

I referenced before that my girl has been selling T-shirts for several years at this point. She’s been utilizing Redbubble to do that and is extremely content with her organization there.

3. Etsy

Etsy homepage

Etsy is another site you can use to sell T-shirts you plan. As you might be aware, Etsy is one of the most famous locales where you can trade hand tailored merchandise.

In reality, in 2017 alone the site composed deals of more than $3 billion. Etsy works a piece uniquely in contrast to different locales we’ve referenced up to this point.

As a T-shirt fashioner, you would open your own shop on Etsy. It is allowed to Start a shop. You would rundown and value the shirt plans you need to sell.

When somebody orders one of your plans, Etsy gives you the delivery data and gathers installment.

As a dealer on Etsy, you pay three expenses from each sale:

  • A posting charge of 20 cents
  • A 5% exchange charge on the deal price
  • An extra charge of 3% and a quarter assuming a client pays utilizing Etsy Payments

Another thing to be familiar with selling T-shirts on Etsy is that you control creation and delivery. At the end of the day, you make the shirt with the plan on it, and you boat to customers.

In expansion, you handle all client support issues. This choice is a touch more involved and not such a great deal an automated revenue source as selling for certain different stores.

4. Printful

Printful homepage

Printful may be for you on the off chance that you’ve proactively got a current web-based store or you need to make one. It works with your internet based store to satisfy and send your T-shirt designs.

When you open a free record with Printful, you start by interfacing your store site. You can utilize an assortment of online business store combinations, like Shopify, to send off your store.

Next, you’ll utilize Printful’s online mockup generator to make pictures of items with your plans. Then, at that point, you’ll fill your store site with accessible plans.

As clients visit your store and request items, the orders are naturally traded to Printful. From that point, Printful makes the items and boats the things.

Want to create your own items as opposed to utilizing Printful’s? No problem. Printful will store items you send them and boat those items also.

The expenses for collaborating with Printful are as per the following:

  • $2.00 per bundle satisfaction fee
  • 95 penny picking expense for every thing in an order
  • At-cost bundling materials
  • Additional charges in the event that you decide to store your items at their warehouse.

You set the costs you charge for your things, so you decide your benefit.

5. Teespring

Teespring homepage

Teespring works in basically the same manner to CafePress and Redbubble. You transfer your T-shirt plans to go on items they sell. Notwithstanding T-shirts, you can put your plan on pullovers, telephone cases, mugs and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

When your plan is sold on a particular item, you get a commission. Teespring deals with item creation, satisfaction and client service.

As you pick the items you need to sell, Teespring shows you what your base expense is for every item. From that point, you set the cost on every item. Since you set the cost for your item, you pick your benefit.

There are no month to month or store charges to sell on Teespring. Teespring’s benefit is incorporated into the base cost of the items they offer. This implies you won’t see any extra charges when you sell things on the site.

6. Zazzle

Zazzle homepage
Heart t-shirt

Zazzle offers two methods for bringing in cash on your T-shirt designs.

  • Designer: You sell your plans on T-shirts Zazzle makes and ships.
  • Maker: If you have an item you make yourself, you can publicize on Zazzle and transport the thing on your own.

As a Designer with Zazzle, you’ll transfer your plans to the site. As you pick your T-shirt or other item, Zazzle will show you the base cost for the product.

You can pick a benefit of 5% to close to 100%. Zazzle will value the shirt as you wish. Also, they handle creation and transportation of the item.

This implies your work is done whenever you’ve transferred your plan. As a Designer you can decide to have your plan on the particular items Zazzle offers.

However, you’ve likewise persuaded the choice to be a Maker on Zazzle. Creators can promote items they make on Zazzle. At the point when a client purchases an item, Zazzle informs the Maker.

The Maker sends the item utilizing Zazzle delivering marks. Zazzle handles all client care and request following. They gather a rate commission on every thing you sell, when it sells.

Note that Makers must be supported to sell things on Zazzle.

7. TeePublic

TeePublic homepage

TeePublic allows you to sell your plans on T-shirts and in excess of 75 different items. Like a few different destinations, TeePublic will accomplish the work after you transfer your plans.

They’ll deal with creation, delivery and client support. Furthermore, you’ll get a commission on every T-shirt or other item that sells with your plan on it.

TeePublic has a few fluctuating T-shirt plans to offer. Your bonus sum depends on the sort of shirt (or other item) you sell.

In expansion, your bonus will fluctuate in light of whether the shirt is sold at standard cost or marked down. Since TeePublic holds deals, a deal cost could decrease your bonus sum.

As with different destinations, showcasing and advancing is generally in your grasp. The more you advance your contributions on TeePublic, the better openness they get. In that capacity, you have a bigger possibility selling your things.

8. Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt homepage

Spreadshirt, like different stages here like Redbubble, permits you to transfer your plan to their site. They’ll deal with the entirety of the printing and transportation for things that sell with your plan.

You pick the kind of shirts you need to have your plan on. Then you transfer your plan, or browse Spreadshirt’s plan formats.

In expansion to T-shirts, you can sell your plans on pullovers, mugs, child apparel and the sky is the limit from there. Reward: Spreadshirt handles client care and client installments, as well.

They’ll send you a commission each time somebody orders one of your shirts. Furthermore, they have five production lines across the United States and Europe for a worldwide reach.

9. Spreadshop

Spreadshop homepage
Fun t-shirt design

Spreadshop is an accomplice site of Spreadshirt. While Spreadshirt allows you to transfer plans to sell T-shirts in their web-based store, Spreadshop assists you with opening your own T-shirt (and other product) store.

When you open your own store, you get your own URL and an adjustable shopping webpage. You might interface your web-based entertainment records to you customized site.

As a storekeeper, you can value your plans anyway you need. Along these lines, if one T-shirt configuration is more perplexing than another, you can cost it higher.

You can transfer plans and market your customized site as per your image. There’s no restriction to the number of things you that can highlight in your store.

Just plan and transfer however many choices as you wish. From that point, pick the sorts of things you need to make available for purchase. Then, at that point, Spreadshop handles printing and delivery of the request.

In expansion, Spreadshop handles gathering the installments. They give you a commission on every deal that gets through your own

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