10 Ways to Convert a Visa Gift Card to Cash

If you have a Visa gift voucher, you may be considering how to change it over completely to cash. All things considered, money can be more flexible than plastic.

While you can utilize a Visa present card for some buys, you can’t involve it for everything.

We’re sharing multiple ways of changing over Visa gift vouchers to cash. Utilize the thoughts that turn out best for you so you get some additional money rapidly.

How to Exchange Visa Gift Cards for Cash

Exchanging your Visa gift vouchers for money might require innovative reasoning, yet it is conceivable. Here are probably the most effective ways to utilize a Visa gift voucher like cash.

1. Add It to Your PayPal Wallet

paypal homepage

Whether you have a Vanilla Visa gift voucher or one more kind of card, PayPal gives a choice to add these gift vouchers to your PayPal wallet. Simply enter the gift voucher number and other data to add it to your account.

Once the gift voucher balance clears, you can utilize the cash to pay for buys through PayPal. On the other hand, you can send the cash to a companion or your own bank account.

However, it’s vital to remember that expenses might apply when you move cash. This applies while sending cash to your ledger or cherished ones.

Using your Visa present card balance for buys where traders acknowledge PayPal is one of the most savvy choices since your card will not lose any of its value.


  • Use for PayPal purchases
  • Transfer to your bank account
  • Pay a companion or family member

2. Purchase Other Gift Cards

A more roundabout method for changing over your Visa present card to cash is to purchase an alternate present card. In the event that you realize you’ll utilize an organization marked gift voucher, it tends to be more important to you than one from Visa.

For model, you could utilize your Visa present card to purchase an Amazon present card of equivalent worth. Since you can purchase nearly whatever you might at any point require on Amazon, you would basically be changing over your Visa gift vouchers into cash.

You might do this for stores like Walmart, Starbucks or Target. Be that as it may, you could pay extra to do this assuming that the shipper you’re shopping at charges an expense for Visa-based buys.

Raise home page

Better yet, you could utilize your Visa present card to purchase limited cards from destinations like Raise. This may really build the worth of your gift voucher (i.e., you could transform your $35 Visa gift voucher into a $50 one to Jiffy Lube).


  • Trade for more significant card
  • Valid at a vendor you prefer


  • Won’t work with all retailers
  • Potential fees

3. Get a Money Order

money order near me

It is feasible to utilize your Visa present card to purchase a cash request. From that point, you can store the cash request at your bank and utilize the assets straightforwardly from your checking account.

Or, you can cash your cash request at any store that acknowledges cash orders. You could try and have the option to cash it where you bought it.

It’s essential to take note of that a few banks limit the quantity of cash orders you can store or money. Thus, you might need to check early on with your bank assuming you anticipate keeping cash orders frequently.

To find out more, look at our article on the best submits to purchase cash requests.


  • Function as cash
  • Widely available

4. Gift voucher Exchange Kiosk

gift card kiosk machine

Gift card trade booths are accessible all through the U.S. furthermore, all over the planet. At the point when you utilize a gift voucher trade booth, you embed your gift voucher into the machine as you would with an ATM card.

The stand then checks your Visa gift voucher and gives you a money offer for it.

You have a decision regarding whether to acknowledge or dismiss the proposition. Assuming you acknowledge the proposition, the stand keeps your card and gives you the cash.

In a few circumstances, you might have to take a receipt voucher to a clerk to get your cash for the exchange.

If you reject the deal, the booth will give you back your gift voucher.

Unfortunately, you will probably see a payout that is lower than the worth of your gift voucher when you use stands. Also, every booth has various principles about what they charge, and the cashout expense can be very high.

Ultimately, this isn’t the most ideal way to change over your Visa gift vouchers to cash. Yet, on the off chance that you are in a period crunch, it tends to be a speedy method for getting compensated fast.


  • Easy and convenient
  • Fast method for getting cash
  • Many locations


  • Fees can be high
  • May lessen gift voucher’s value

5. Give It as a Gift

Another method for transforming Visa gift vouchers into cash is to give them as gifts. Yet, how precisely does this compare to changing your card over completely to cash?

By giving your card as money, you let loose cash in your spending plan that you would have spent on a gift for your companion or relative. Thus, this permits you to involve that planned money for different requirements.

The key to progress with this thought is to be certain that you previously had this cost remembered for your financial plan. Like that, the money is promptly accessible when you want it.


  • Cash can be promptly available
  • Makes gift giving easier
  • No fees

6. Pay Bills

Another special method for transforming your gift voucher into cash is by utilizing it to take care of bills.

Similar to giving your Visa gift voucher, you can utilize the money you had saved for your bills in the manner you please.

Just about any organization that acknowledges Mastercard installments for bills will allow you to cover your bills with a Visa gift voucher. Nonetheless, not all organizations permit you to cover bills with Visa gift vouchers. You’ll need to check that this choice will work for you prior to attempting it.

In expansion, there is much of the time a charge for this help. This expense is charged by the organization that you owe. Thusly, this will lessen the worth of your Visa gift card.

While this probably won’t be the most savvy method for changing over your Visa gift vouchers into cash, it can prove to be useful in a pinch.


  • Pay bills
  • Use on the web or in person


  • Potential fees
  • Not at all companies

7. Buy and Resell Items

Have you found out about retail exchange? This is the point at which you purchase something and afterward exchange it at a greater cost.

If you figure out how to do it effectively, you can bring in cash with retail exchange. The objective is to purchase things that you find that are evaluated lower than what they’re ordinarily selling for.

For example, you can find leeway things at your neighborhood enormous box store and exchange them online for a benefit.

But how does this connect with changing over your gift vouchers to cash? It’s a genuinely out-of-the-case method for flipping your cards.

Essentially, you search online for things that you can purchase at very steep limits and pay for them with your Visa gift voucher. Then, at that point, you exchange them at a benefit that will cover selling and other fees.

Be sure to do some exploration before you purchase the things you need to exchange. You’ll need to pick things that are famous and have a high possibility exchanging rapidly.


  • May increment card’s value
  • Side hustle potential


  • Takes research and time
  • Some risk involved

8. Put it in Venmo

Venmo homepage

Just like you can put your Visa gift vouchers into PayPal, you can likewise place the assets into Venmo.

Simply adhere to the directions on the Venmo site to add your Visa gift voucher to your wallet. When you see the cash in your Venmo wallet, you can utilize it to make buys where Venmo is accepted.

Alternately, you can move cash from your Venmo wallet to your bank account.

What’s more, Venmo doesn’t charge expenses to move cash to your ledger like PayPal does.

Keep as a primary concern that you might get an extortion cautioning from Venmo in the event that you endeavor to add your Visa gift voucher. Assuming that this occurs, simply sit back and relax. This is essentially a security insurance, and Venmo can assist you with clearing it up.


  • Easy and fast
  • Transfer to bank account
  • No fees

9. Sell It Through a Website or App

There are sites and applications that will allow you to change over your Visa gift voucher to cash by selling them. The best puts to sell gift vouchers rely on how quick you need your money and the amount of its worth you will lose.

Some locales will purchase your card straightforwardly, while others will publicize your present card on a commercial center for shoppers to purchase. Offer costs will contrast also.

For model, CardCash will surrender you to 92% of the worth of your card. A few locales might give you not exactly that.

Make sure you do all necessary investigation and contrast offers on various destinations with get the best payout for your card.


  • Quick and easy
  • Multiple applications and sites


  • Will lessen card’s value

10. Offer It to Someone Directly

This choice can be one of the more basic arrangements. You can sell your Visa gift vouchers on Craigslist or comparable locales, or you can sell your gift voucher to somebody you know and trust.

Many individuals will consider purchasing Visa present cards from you in the event that it implies they get it. All things considered, you can utilize these gift vouchers pretty much anyplace.

Whoever purchases your present card can utilize it at a major box store, café or some other retailer.

The most ideal way to guarantee that somebody will purchase your present card is to offer a fair plan. For instance, sell a $25 gift voucher for $22. Or on the other hand sell a $100 gift voucher for $90 or $95.

Also, arrange if fundamental. This will guarantee you can sell your Visa present card quickly.


  • Many potential buyers
  • No administration fees


  • Could decrease card’s value

Benefits of Converting a Visa Gift Card to Cash

As the maxim goes, “cash is top dog.” However, on the off chance that you don’t know that changing over your Visa gift voucher to cash merits the work, there are a few situations when it is a shrewd decision.

For model, to make a buy yet a vendor just acknowledges cash, utilizing your gift voucher won’t work. Furthermore, a few dealers will not acknowledge Visa cards to finish transactions.

In both these situations, utilizing cash guarantees your exchanges can be finished with next to no issues.

Additionally, in the event that you can utilize your present card to purchase an alternate present card that you will really utilize and has a higher worth, changing over your card might give you additional space to breathe in your budget.

Along similar lines, on the off chance that you can reuse your gift voucher to cover bills or offset the expense of different costs,

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